Guys!! Would you like to be a Doop Dee Doop Trooper!!??

Do you like to go to the outsideplace with your puppypals?? Do you go to parks plus woodsyplaces plus special places made of geography? Then I want YOU plus your puppypals to join my DOOP DEE DOOP TROOP! It is soopereasy!! 

All you gotta do is... 

  1. SEND ME A PICTURESTORY! (1-3 photos) In it should be YOU plus YOUR PUPPYPAL or just YOUR PUPPYPAL next to some kind of special landmark or park marker or just a favorite place you like to go!
  2. Email it to me at... !!!  In the email, tell me alla 'bout that special place (Full name, 'zackly where it is, State, Province, City, Region, stuff like that)!!
  3. Tell me why you like to go to there or how you got to go there or something 'bout it's history and stuff.
  4. Tell me littlebit 'bout the puppy (or puppies) in the picturestory! You know, stuff like name, birthday, breed, colour, markings, fun stuff like nicknames, favorite foods, what they like to do or what makes them sooperspecial - stuff that will be fun to read! 

Then I will make a soopercool picturestory out of it plus post it here, plus a link to your puppies FayBo page or YOUR FayBo page (OR NOT -You let me know if you want that or not, K?) ... plus most importantal of all, then you will 'ficcially be my next FEATURED DOOP DEE DOOP TROOPERS!! Yes!!