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It is the Happiest, Heartiest Daytimes in evertimes, everybuddy!! Yup!! 

Did you know!!?? Happy💜Heart💜Hugs are for anybuddy that fills your Heart with Happy that is not close enough for regular-type hugs!! Truestory you can send HappyHeartHugs to anybuddy you think is sooperswell or 'mazing, or inspiring, or just plain awesometimes!! Best part is sending HappyHeartHugs is soopereasy!! 

All you have to do is send some wordybits to the person that says how they make you feel in your HappyHeart, plus then at the very end you add "H
💜H 💜H💜" See!!?? Soopereasy!! 

Stay tuned for more informational wordybits 'bout how to celebrate Happy💜Heart💜Hugs💜Day with alla your special friendlypals!! 

*HappyHeartHugsDay is celebrated once a year on JUNE 28th.
June 28th 2013 is the day Archie Brindleton moved in with his Mum plus Pop and received his first HappyHeartHugs!! Now he wants to share his Happy with friendlypals and peoples allover everywheres so they can have Hearts filled with Happy too!! 😊😊😊

Later Event: September 18