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Buster Fancypants

Hi guys. Shanksh for coming. 

RAINBOW VALLEY MEMORIALS are not so much HappyFunTimes... butt they are sooperportant. Yes.

'Cuz it is sooper'portant to 'member that our puppypals who go over the bridge put so much Happy in our Hearts. Plus it is sooper'portant to say nice wordybits to their familypals so their hurtyhearts can start to feel waymorebetter. Yes. Plus it is sooper'portant for friendlyfriends to be friendly plus 'member what the livingtimes is alla'bou and stuff: 
Giving HappyHeartHugs to peoples who need some.

So let's come in real close, plus get comfy guys. 
'Cuz now is the times for 'membering everybuddy's bestest buddypal....

Nobuddy knows much ‘bout the earlytimesdays of Mister Buster Fancypants. Prolly he was a sooper’portant business-type managerman or maybe Captain of a fancy vacation-type floatyboat. Prolly both. Butt for reals it was something awesometimes, ‘cuz he was that kind of puppy. Yes. 

One day, longtimesago, my friendlypals who live in the Texasplace, Stevebryant plus Ritaperkinsbryant got a yellaphone call that said a 7 yeartimesold Pugslyperson needed a shinynew foreverhome!! Stevebryant plus Ritaperkinsbryant luvluvloved Pugslypeoples, plus truestory a sooperspecial puppypug named Petunia was living with them alreadytimes and she wanted to meet him!! So they all got together and stuff so everybuddy could meet this handsome plus mysteriousish pugsly gentleman named Buster Fancypants............

...Buster plus Petunia luvluvloved each other from the very start guys, plus everybuddy liked to be ‘round him. He had charismastuff, is what I am saying!! That means everybuddy wanted to be his friendlypal!! He was only supposed to stay for the weekendtimes, butt not even!! He never even left!! Ha ha!! 

Story goes that his last familypals were sad to see him go, butt they they totally understood ‘cuz he wanted to get married to Petunia plus move in with her!! It was romantical whirlwindery, guys!! 

Anyhoozle, everybuddy luvluvloved everybuddy soon as he moved in. Plus he liked it at his shinynew foreverhome right away!! He fit in perfectal and everythings!! 

Buster’s favoritist toys are froggy-shaped ones, guys!! He had tons, even!! His new Mum plus Pop bought him shinynew ones allatimes!! He even brought his most favoritist froggy toy named “FROGGY” when he moved in! Did you know?? Froggy stayed with him for alla those lotsa yeartimes ‘till just littlewhiles a ‘go when he went over the Rainbow Bridge. Froggy even moved into Buster’s new cemeteryhouse with him, so Buster would neverever be by his lonesome. Froggy is a good guy.........

Buster luvluvloved walkingtimes too, plus his most favoritist part was sniffing alla the storysmells on mailingboxes plus lightningpoles plus fencybits and alla that stuff!! He liked to stay on top of what was goings on in his neighborhood, guys!! Plus did you know – I am not even joshing – Buster could stand on only his front legs plus go right downside up, so he could pee wayfarhigh on mailingboxes just like big puppies do!!?? Truestory!! He was a gigantical puppy in a little puppy body!! 

Buster’s first Pop was a wizard, guys!! Yup!! He worked doing magicaltricks allover everywhere!! Plus his new Pop, Stevebryant is a magicalish wizard too!! So Buster learned how to do a ‘mazing card trick!! Yes!! At magicshows, Stevebryant would have somebuddy in the audience pick a card, then put it back, then shuffle the cards, then fan them all out for Buster!! Hee hee!! Buster could pick the right card everytimes plus then run off sooper’cited!! Ha ha!! When he brought it back, he would sign it, by giving it a lick! He was a professional-type entertainer is what I am saying!! Plus things were sooper’mazing plus awesometimes for long, longtimes. Yes. smile emoticon 

Butt… latelytimes Buster was not so much himself, everybuddy. He was getting pretty oldentimer, plus his cricketty bodyparts made him feel lotsa ouchies. ‘Course Stevebryant plus Ritaperkinsbryant gave him gigantical piles of lovings for long as they could, but Buster was not so happy anymores, so ‘ventually it was time for him to go over the bridge...............

....His handsomeness is in the cemeteryhouse with Froggy guys, butt we know the reals Buster Fancypants trotted over the RainbowBridge to a shinynew foreverhome in Rainbow Valley where he is being his charming gentleman-self wowzing everybuddy with awesometimes magicalish shows. 

Nightynightimes, Buster. We miss you sooperlots. 

You are a good boy, plus we will miss you... 
forever plus everever. Yes. H H ❤ H ❤

CLICK HERE to Read alla the wonderfull wordybits left by friendlypals of Buster Fancypants on my FayBo wall where this RainbowValley Memorial was first shared with everybuddy:

Halloweeningtimes Costumeclothes!!

NO RAINBOWPARTS: Me watching juniorpeoples in the Meadowlilly Woods!!