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"Dew yew ever sneak sum snackz inna backyard frum whut the sneaky critterz leave behind? I dew it and then, I gitz a tummyache weal bad."

originally posted May 05, 2014

Hi Bizzy!

Thanks for writing to your buddypal who is me, Archie Brindleton! Don't feel bad, K? K! Lot's of puppies do it and for lotsa differenter reasons too! First of alls, puppies who eat their OWN butt sculptures inside the livinghouse where they live are having differenter troubles than a puppy who likes the weird butt sculptures left by other animals and stuff in their 'roundbackyard! Yup!! So if you are only nibbling on otherstuffs left in the outsideplace, that's prolly not so good, but also waymorebetter.

It's just worryful 'cuz it can make you sick plus barf or just not feel so good, right? Yup. OK, here is real interesting stuff for your brainmelon: Puppies are "canines", amirite? Prolly!! That's a fancy word for the kind of peoples we are! Two-legged peoples are called "humans" and kitty peoples are called "felines" plus there are bearpeople called "ursidea" and 'course, there are also "unicorns" and "pirates". Everybuddy knows that. Yes. See, everybuddy has differenter bellyplumbing and needs differenter kinds of food to feel good plus grow up to be big and strong. SOME peoples think that caninepeoples like us are still not even used to the kinds of food we get in cities when we live with humanpeoples.

Wolf-type peoples are canines too! But they don't hardly get sick or have bellytroubles like lots of us do, 'cuz they still eat simple food they find in the WILDERWILD. Your belly might just be sayin' "Hey! Those bum sculptures have stuff in them I need!" Stuff like a thing called N-ZYMES that you maybe want for your belly. See, lotsa moderndaystimes doggie foods and peoplefoods don't have good N-ZYMES or enough N-ZYMES in them. Truestory! We need them to help turn yummysummies into sooperdooper zoomers energy! It's like when puppies eat grass. Nobuddy teaches puppies to eat grass. They just know it will make them feel waymorebetter so they just do it 'automagically! Yup! 'Course that doesn't mean it a good idea to get what you need by eating butt sculptures! And most folks won't wan't to smootch or hug you if you have poobreath! Yikes, amirite!!?? Prolly!!

Me? I used to like bunny pellets and goose licorice the best. True story! But don't worry so much about why. I mean you COULD maybe try other foods maybe, (I like my RAWCO raw food best! It's waymorecloser to what my wolf buddies eat! 'Cuz I am a wolf in flubbery clothing, guys! Ha ha!) but maybe it's just about learning not to eat stuff -ANY stuff- in the outsideplace. And that's gonna take some times for training. Yup!! Maybe write to this nice lady at DOGMANTICS who uses real happy, gentle trainingstuff to help puppies with all kindsa troubles. Or ask around where you live for help learning not to eat anything off the ground or unless your familypeoples give it to you! That is a good first step! You can do it, buddypal! You are the best! If you think I was a helpful helperman, or even if you need more wordybits to help, just let me know! I am here for alla my friends! Shanksh for writing to me Bizzy!! :) :) :) 

"Archie, I need to be in two places at once, and when I can't it hurts my heart."

"The Bestest Floatyboat"