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"Hi Archie, we just adopted this little girl. She is 4 years old and afraid to go to the outside place. Do you know how we can make her feel safe and not afraid?"

originally posted May 12, 2014

sent in by Barb Parks Cordes


YAAAAAAAAAAAY for you Barbparkscordes!!  Yes!! :) 

You are amay-za-zing plus my sooperhero and stuff! It is sooperawesome that you gave a beautiful Puppy Princess a shinynew foreverhome and everything! I am sending you my bestest Happy Heart Hugs with extra lovings!!

'Course sometimes it's not all easybreezy and stuff for puppies to get used to their new foreverhomes. 'Specially if they got rescued from a puppymill or bad places like that. See, most puppies see only the goodstuffs in everybuddy and everyplace, but puppies who come from puppymills or badplaces get real scared allatimes plus they can only see badstuffs because that is all they know! It's sadtimes in my heart when I have thinkingthoughts 'bout it! Yes. But you can do it together! Promiseface! It's just gonna take some times plus lots of hugs and snugglesnorts plus HappyFunTimes plus goofballery too!

Firstofalls, your new Puppy Princess has to bond with you real close. This is sooper importantal so she knows you are the leaderperson plus that you are in charge. Yes. This is the mostest importantal 'cuz then 'ventually she can b'lieve you are going to keep her safe and comfy and everything. It is real 'portant she knows you are in charge so she doesn't think it is her new job to be in charge!! I am not even joshing!! Truestory for reals that can be soooperstressful for new puppies!! So lots and lots of real gentle, assertive plus calm control. Spend as much time with her as you can leading her plus getting her to do simple tricks like "sit" and "stay" and stuff. Real easy. Don't let her do anything without permission, but still let her do alla good stuff alldaytimes just only when you say it's OK. It will help her feel like she has a security blanket plus that the security blanket is YOU!! Yup!!  Even make her food so she can smell you on it and know you are taking care of her!

Next is the outsidepart! Once your new Puppy Princess and you become the bestest buddypals in evertimes (and that will take some times 'member!) then you can start to lead her outside too. For reals, you can start doing this same time while you guys are bonding too! Do the simple tricks outside and give her awesome treat "prizes" out there! Feed her healthy treats just for coming out all on her own! Even just a couple steps! Never push or make her do it if she doesn't want to, though. That will really hurt her trust in you, K? K!! Give her permission, then tell her you guys are going "Outside", and then let her do it. Yes. Let her smell the yummysummies you have outside, so she will want to!! When she can do that, Just hang around outside. Real easybreezy-like. Let her see you and FEEL you being real calm in the outsideplace. Plus take walking adventuretimes in nice, quiet outsideplaces too. Try not to see other peoples for a while, so there is no more stress than necessary, K? K. Just you and your Puppy Princess. Plus seriousface, just go to your 'roundthebackyard or a real quiet park to read a book outside in one spot with her real close and let her get used to it. If she came from a puppy mill, she may not have even SEEN the outsideplace befores and that can be SCARY, right!? Yah! So be real patient with her. PATIENCE Is the most important part! Get lots of it! Like the most ever patient and calm and stuff you have ever been, even! And know in your brainmelon it's gonna take some times. Like maybe a YEAR even before you can PROVE to her the outsideplace is safe plus 'mazing plus is fulla HappyFunTimes!! Maybe not that long, but maybe!

One day she will learn that the outsideplace is where we are supposed to be much as we can to get good exercising plus to read storysmells plus to go exploradventuring plus 'specially to let the sunsmiles warm us all over! YOU CAN DO IT! I'm gonna keep sending your new Puppy Princess lots of HappyHeartHugs so she feels safe plus HappyHappy and everything! 

Shanksh for writing to me, Barbparkscordes!! :) :) :)  

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