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Beauregard Ottaway

Hey, everybuddy. Shanksh for coming. Yes. 

Means sooperlots to me that you would come by to 'member with us. That is what having friendlypals like you is alla 'bout, amirite?? Prolly. Prolly, yes. So... now is the times to do 'membering 'bout Beauregard Ottaway....

Beauregard was mostly called "Beau" guys. Truestory. Plus he was 100% full up of Labradoodle. Yup. Did you even know he was TEN whole entire yeartimes old? That is SEVENTY in peopleyears, guys!! That is lotsa yeartimes. He did soopergood. 

Beau lived in his foreverhome with his Mum who is awesometimes. Yes. I know for reals 'cuz we have been inthesameplacefriends and everything!! Beau lived with his sisterperson, Emma, a 'nother 'mazing Labradoodle who was n'vented at the same place he was!! I know!! Beau plus Emma plus their Mum lived with their bestest kittypal, SCRUFFY too. Yes. They had lotsa HappyFunTimes. 

Beau was a real nice boy, everybuddy. Prolly the nicest, even I am not even joshing. He was always wanting to rest his big 'ol brainmelon on somebuddy's lap just so's he could stare his lookingmarbles right at you!! He was like that. He luvluvloved to make snuggles, guys! Plus he luvluvloved his Mum the mostest!! He was alwaystimes by her side, watching out for her, taking care of her, stuff like that.  

Even though familypals didn't get to visit too many times, he was always sooper'cited to see everybuddy who came to visit, plus he would start goofballery shoving matches with his sisterperson Emma just for more attention!! Ha ha!! He was a character is what I am saying. He luved to chew on stuff, luvluvloved yummysummy food, plus in all of evertimes he never one time said "NO" to a nice pat on the brainmelon. 

Butt latelytimes he got real sickybicky, guys. Yes. Siezures, guys. Ouchies. He was not his same old Beauregard self. He was upset 'cuz he did not know what was wrong. So... it was time for him to go. To leave his sickybicky on the Rainbow Bridge plus to live waymorehappier plus healthier in Rainbow Valley forever and everever. 

Your Mum misses you so much her Heart is ouchie, Beau. Butt she will come visit you in the dreamingplace, plus Emma will come too. Yes. Plus alla us will look for you there when we go to the dreamingplace too.  

Nightynightimes, Beau. You are a good boy. We will miss your faceparts staring back at us with all of your HappyHeart. H ❤ H ❤ H ❤

BackFlash: Oct. 31, 2013

"The Gentleman Plus The Ladyperson"