Parks I have been to!


Park Review # 1


Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS

15 Ridout Street South


Ontario, Canada



  • parking + accessible
  • 4 tennis courts, 
  • 1 outdoor pool + washrooms
  • 1 play structure, 
  • 1 swing set + play structure
  • paved path
  • picnic shelter, 
  • community garden, 

Know what, guys? This is a do-over review for the very first in evertimes park I exploreadventured and reviewed and stuff! Truestory, it's a soopergood one plus real close to my building where I live, so I had to come back and do a waymorebetter review for you!! Yup!!

For reals I didn't even make a good picturestory for the first one, guys! It didn't even have the wordysign in it or anythings, so that's no good! 'Cuz I wanna prove I went to see all 432 parks in my London, Ontario where I live and you need a picturestory of a sign or something else that will say I was really there, amirite? Yup!

OK. So this park is sooperneatocool. It has a real big puddlepond for swimming with slides plus fun stuff like that, plus a soccery field, plus two whole tennis-ing cages, plus a real big monkeyclimber, plus swingingchairs plus pretty sweet walkingtrails down by the river where hobos go to tell stories plus it's real close to the lightning factory where LONDON HYDRO makes alla the lightning that goes into lightningbulbs that make lights work, guys! And it's also real close to the LABATT'S boozeteria where they make sudsyfoamydrinks called beer, so sometimes in the summer it smells like when I toot my bumtrumpet! Ha ha! '

Nother cool thing is it's real safe and secluded and far away from rollycarroads and it has it's own parking rodeo for rollycars and know what? It even has a big COMMUNITYGARDEN when peoples go to plant veggies and stuff alltogether! Yup! One day I just sat and watched a lady planting veggies! Was nice! So, basically I like this park! It's sorta like my second 'roundthebackyard sorta! Good job park! Even when you smell like a toot! 
The end.