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Hey, guys!! This times on STUFF THAT HELPS, we are gonna talk 'bout CAT GRASS!! 

Does your puppypal like to chew on nice, juicy grassycarpet?? Me too!! Know what!!?? That is actually AOK for puppies!! Plus know what else!!?? Now you can buy some at the grocerystore for a HappyFunTimes treat!! Yup!! 😊😊😊

Truestory for reals lotsa puppies allover everywheres luvluvlove to chew on grass!! Yup!! Butt did you know it is also  truestory that nobuddy knows 'zackly WHY!!?? Yup!! Seriousface!! 

Lotsa peoples are thinkingthoughts it is 'cuz puppies have upset bellies plus they want to barf something up to feel waymorebetter!! Maybe someofthetimes that is true, butt mostofthetimes, not even!! Mostofthetimes puppies who eat grassycarpet are not sickybicky at alls!! Plus mostofthetimes puppies who eat it, DON'T barf up their bellies!! Nope!! Mostly it is just a thing we like to do!! Like when peoples chew yumyumgum!! Maybe!! Prolly!!  There is prolly no nutritional reason for doing it, guys, butt for reals there is nothing bad 'bout it eaither!! It's  just a fun, no biggie thing is what I am saying!! 

Sciencefacts say it is totally AOK for puppies to eat grass, guys!! Yes!! BUTT... you gotta 'member that it is only AOK if the grass is not covered it stuff that will make a puppy sick!! 


Yes. neverever forget that lotsa grassycarpeting is sprayed with chemicallybits and pesti-poisons that can make puppies soopersick, so be soopercareful 'bout what kind of grass you let your puppypal chew on, K? K!! 

That is why I am talking to you 'bout CAT GRASS, guys!! Lotsa peoples know you can buy grassycarpet for your kittypals!! Butt what a 'bout puppypals too!!?? Why not!!?? 

You can find it In puppy and kitty petstores plus also in groceryfoodstorestoo!! Mostly it is called CAT GRASS, butt don't even 'mind bout that 'cuz I am here to tell you guys it is AOK for puppies too!! Look for the kind that says it is all-natural plus organical plus stuff like that!! 

Just put it near your puppies waterbowl, then let puppy snack on it between meals and stuff!! Prolly they will luvluvlove it!! Me plus Mirabelle sure do!! Plus think 'bout in the wintertimes when everything is all covered up with the fluffystuff!! A nice little patch of juicy grassycarpet would really hit the spot, amirite!!?? Prolly!! 

Maybe just for fun you will like to try some yummy CAT GRASS for your puppypal!! 

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