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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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Safepet I.D. Tags


If your puppypal gets lost, that would be THE WORSTEST!!  

It is sooper'portant to make it easy as possible for friendlypeoples to help get your puppy back home, amirite!!?? 'Course!! So if you want the bestest pet I.D. tags I have seen i evertimes, check out my friendlypals at SAFEPET.EU!! 

Me plus Mirabelle wear them, plus they are 'MAZING!! 😊😊😊

These sooperneato ID tags are sorta like my Mum plus Pop's drivers licences, guys!! They have all kindsa real 'portant informational wordybits on them like address plus phone number plus even extra stuff like microchip number, health issue information and stuff like that too!! Plus, coolest part is they even have the puppy or kitties picturestory on them!! How soopercool is that!!?? Pretty soopercool I am thinkingthoughts!! 

They make the ID tags in two sizes, guys: small and bigger than small. Yes. Plus they also make a soopercool wallet-sized card that the puppy's Mum or Pop can carry too. 

All of this stuff is made soopertough out of the same indestructible-ish plasticybits that Mum plus Pops credit cards and drivers licences are made out of, so prolly they will last forevertimes!! Prolly!! Or 'least eleventy yeartimes and stuff!! Seriousface!! 


You can visit the interwebsnet shoppingstore by clicking THIS PART

or you can go say "HI" with a friendly  "LIKE" on their Facebook page by clicking THIS PART

Here is the bestest part, guys!! If you would like to order some ID TAGS or ID CARDS from, I will save you some dollarpennies!! Yup!! My friendlypal Chris, who works at gave me a discount code to share with alla my friendlypals!! I am not even joshing!! 

When you are checking out of their interwebsnet shoppingstore, just put it in the "coupon code" box and you will save 10 whole percent!! Whatever that means!! Ha ha!! 😊😊😊



'Course these soopersnazzy I.D. tags are awesometimes for everydaytimes, but I am not even joshing when I say, they are SOOPERAWESOMETIMES for when you are travelling with your puppy or kitty!! Yup!! My Mum plus Pop say they give them lotsa "PIECE OF MIND" whenever we go travelling in Burgundy Dreams or I am staying with friendlypals for littlewhiles. That is for reals!! 

No matter where you are going plus what you are doing, ID TAGS are definitely awesometimes!! Yessssssssssss!!! :) :) :) 😊😊😊

Giant Hogweed Warning!!