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Park Review # 2

Sifton Bog ESA
(Environmentally Significant Area)

Snort Index Rating: 2.0 SNORTS!! 

1210 Oxford Street West
London, Ontario, Canada


  • 40 hectare public site
  • 370 meter boardwalk
  • marked trails
  • Redmond's Pond
  • viewing platform
  • parking
  • unusual plant and wildlife

Hey, guys!! I went to this place because my friend told me she saw Steve the Deer here one time, butt -NOPE!! I could not find him! I looked all over everywheres, butt he was too good at hiding and stuff!! Did you know Sifton Bog is covered in green fuzzy blankets and has a cool little wooden road that I prolly was built by adorable teensy elves and stuff!!?? Prolly!! Anyhoozle, it is sooperpretty for reals, but guys, there's not much to do for puppypeople 'cuz you can't leave the little wooden road! It is an Environmentally Significat Area, so peoples plus puppiea are not allowed to walk onnit!! Nope!! That is sooperfun to look at for a whiles, but not so exciting plus not so awesome for goofballery and stuff like that.

Best part was that me plus Pop heard 'bout a whole 'nother part of Sifton Bog that you can do exploradventuring on!! Yes!!  am calling that other part the SIFTON BOG TRAILS plus it was soopercool plus maymorefunner than this part!! For me anyways!! Sorry park, butt you were sorta like visiting a museumhouse!! Sorta!!  

The end. 


Doop Dee Doop Troop: CHAUNCEY

Giant Hogweed Warning!!