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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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originally posted to Facebook October 20, 2014


This times sooper’mazing DOOP DEE DOOP TROOPER is… 
BYRON SMILEBULLS, everybuddy! Yup!! He is a neato Frenchieguy that lives in the Germanyplace in a citytown called Karlsruhe! I wanna go to there, but prolly that is too far a walkinghike for me in the Canadaplace!! Prolly! 

Byron is TWO whole entire years old and will be THREE in the Decembertimes!! Yup!! ‘Course he is 100% pure French Bulldog awesomeness and lives in the Germanyplace with his Mum plus his Pop!!  He has lotsa soopercool buddypals and friendlypeoples like his FayBo ‘BRO” Paulchen Superbully plus he goes on the coolest exploradventuring trips prolly in evertimes!! Like this one time he went with his Pop plus Uncle Chris to a sooperspecial part of the famous BLACK FOREST called Bannwald/Klebwald!! Yes!! 

Guys, it is in the Southwesterly part of the Germanyplace near a cityplace called Pforzheim and it looks ‘MAZING, dontcha think??! You can see a whole buncha picturestories like these ones at his special gallery right here:

So maybe check out his sooperneato FayBo page plus say “HI” with a friendly "like"  plus a big “ARCHIE SENT ME” too!! Shanksh, everybuddy!! Shanksh sooperlots for reading ‘bout my ‘mazing buddypal BYRON SMILEBULLS plus a sooperdeedooper special shanksh to BRYON for sharing his picturestories and ‘specially for joining my Doop Dee Doop Troop!  


Kama Buhler

Doop Dee Doop Troop: BUBBLES & BOB