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Kama Buhler

originally posted to Facebook July 28, 2015

Hi guys. Shanksh for coming and stuff. Yes. It is soopernice for you to help my friendlypal Joebuhler say nightynightimes to his most favoritist puppygirl, Kama. 

We all know what it is like to see our bestest friendlpals go over the Rainbow Bridge, plus how soopertough it can be to start feeling even littlebits better when your heart is so full of hurty. So, guys... having you come over to 'member Kama plus maybe to leave some nice wordybits means lots'nlots. Seriousface that is why I luvluvlove you guys so much. 

So now is the times guys... for 'membering sooperbeautiful KAMA the Sharpeigirl. 

Kama lived in the Albertaparts of the Canadaplace with her Pop for 12 whole entire yeartimes, guys! That is 'MAZING!! 12 whole entire yeartimes is sooperlongtimes for a big Sharpeigirl too!! That is like 84 peopleyears, even!! She did real good!! smile emoticon 

So many times, guys. So many times to spend with her Pop sharing lovings, going to work with him, riding in his rumblytruck almost every daytimes, plus basically having the bestest HappyFunTimes together. smile emoticon heart emoticon'Course they were Pop and Puppy, but guys, they were bestest friendlypals too. Youknowhatiamsaying. Yes. 

Kama has a puppy brother that is a Frenchie like me named Mojo!! Plus a sisterperson named Cali who is Pugsly plus Frenchie mixed alltogether!! She sounds sooperfun too!! They would hang out allatimes plus their most favoritist thing to do was to go nappingtimes in the sunsmiles. Yes. Prolly they miss her already. It is hard to 'splain to puppies why their sister is not with them anymores. That is not easy. Butt prolly they know. Prolly. 

'Cuz... Kama started to get real sickybicky, guys. Plus her Pop did not like to see her hurtings, so... he let her go. Yes. It was the toughest thing in evertimes, guys. 'Cuz he could not be with her to say nightynightimes. 

Kama's pop Joe hangs out in our FayBo clubhouse someofthetimes, guys. He is real nice. Butt he had to go get some 'mergency surgerystichery last weekendtimes, so couldn't be with Kama she left. He was in the hospitalhouse. Now he feels littlebits like he let her down. Butt 'course he didn't, guys. Amirite? 'Course. Kama luvluvloves him, plus she understands. Butt he could use some HappyHeartHugs right now. So if you have a littletimes, if you can, just leave some nice wordybits for him to make him feel littlebits better. 

And now is the part at the end to say nightynightimes to pretty Kama. Kama, you are a good girl. The best, most beautifullist in evertimes prolly. Your Pop plus Cali plus Mojo miss you lots. Butt we will come see you in the dreamingplace plus have HappyFunTimes there forever plus everever. Promiseface. 

Nightynightimes, Kama. H 
❤ H ❤ H ❤

Frenchie Frolic in a Ballbath!!