Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!!

Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!! Are you ready for a shinynew weektimes!!?? Me plus Mirabelle sure are!! Yup!! There is lots happening, so we are sooper'cited!! .............

'Course there is waymorelots to do here in our shinynew clubhouse, 'cuz next thing we have to builderate is the SHOPPINGSTORE!! Yes!! That will be 'MAZING!! Oh!! Plus we got rid of the landing page, guys!! Yup!! Too many peoples had trouble with that, so even though it was pretty, we threw it in the recycling!! Truestory!! It is alla 'bout making stuff fun for YOU GUYS!! So 'member: if anything is wonky looking or doesn't work for you, lemme know, K? K!! .....................

So GOODMORNINGTIMES, EVERYBUDDY!! Plus HappyHappyMondaytimes too!! Me plus Mirabelle are sooper'cited to see what else happens this weektimes, so lets GO-GO-GO!! 😊😊😊

Sooperheros, FeedingTimes plus Wiping Buttparts!

Nightynightimes, friendlypeoples! ❤ ❤ ❤