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Sooperheros, FeedingTimes plus Wiping Buttparts!

"Hey Archie, it's Russel here! I heard from a few different friendly friends that the super cool hero Brindle Justice is getting a sidekick soon. Have you heard anything about it?" 


from an email sent July 20

HI Russelfiggins!! Golly!! Shanksh for asking and stuff!! Truestory for reals I have not seen Brindle Justice, the 'mazing plus burlyhandsome sooperhero that looks lots like me only with a mask butt that is not me at all as far as you know in a whiles!! Yes!! BUTT... I have been hearing lotsa rumour-type whispersounds that say maybe Brindle Justice is gonna to get a shinynew adventure costume for doing alla his sooperhero adventuretimes in!! Yes!! Plus... if he is gonna catch his most famous-ist sooperbadguy, DOCTOR SKUNKSLY BRACKISH, maybe a sidekicking helperperson is some soopergood thinkingthoughts!! I will tell him next time I see him for reals!! Plus next time he comes to visit, I will make sure we take lotsa picturestories just for you, K? K!! 

Shanksh for writing to me, Russellfiggins!! 

"Archie, does your Mum wipe your bum? Mine does. Pfffft!" 


Hatch Man

originally posted to Archie's Facebook page Feb. 02, 2015 

"HI HATCHMAN!!" Nice to see your faceparts and stuff!! This is a soopergood questionthought you have in your brainmelon!! Sure is!! Plus know what? YUP!! She sure does!! Pop too!! Or least they USED TO!!

Okeedoke! Everybuddy who does not want to read 'bout poop close your lookingmarbles 'cuz there is gonna be pooptalking happening now!! Yes!!

Truestory when I was just a juniorperson I used to make pretty bad poops. Yes. They were not fun to clean up for Mum plus Pop plus they even left a "poop ring" on my bumtrumpet that Mum plus Pop had to wipe up for me. I know!! That is prolly the 'zact opposite of HappyFunTimes, amirite!!?? Prolly!! Butt know what!!?? I am sooperhappy to talk 'bout it 'cuz lotsa puppies have the same prollem, butt they don't have to!! 

I have very sensitive-type bellyplumbing. Yes. That is pretty normal for Frenchies plus lots of us flat-faced puppies too, butt no joshing even lotsa other puppies can have sensitive-type bellyplumbing! So we used to get told allatimes that was just the way it is!! That it was normaltimes!! Ot that "some puppies do and some puppies don't" butt that it's just the way it is!! Know what else? NOT EVEN!! That is sillybeans gobbletygoop!! Yup!! 

When we first met our friendlypals at RAWCO, they did lotsa helpings with us. fact is, Mum plus Pop used to send pictures of my poop to Marisa, the RAWCO Pet Nutritionist!! YUP!! Sounds crazybananas, amirite!!?? Butt it was 'MAZING!! Marisa helped change my yummysummy diet to RAWCO raw pet food, plus helped Mum plus Pop tweak my diet with some soopergood extrabits like HERRING OIL plus ALOE VERA plus stuff like that and after only few weeks, my bellyplumbing got waymore happier and now NO POOP RING!! Promiseface!! 

Plus Frenchies are sooperfamous for tooting their bum trumpets butt I hardly ever toot mine or make stinkywind!! Nope!! That is 'cuz I am eating stuff that is sooperperfectal for me!! Yes!! So any puppies who make bad, loose, sooperstinky poops, or toot their bum trumpets lots, or have dry coats or oily coats or are having sooperbad allergeez like I used to should prolly try differenter foods!! Seriousface!! And 'round here we luvluvlove our RAW FOOD DIET, so if you want to get 'mazing help plus like the idea of having pre-portioned yummysummies delivered TO YOUR DOOR, then call RAWCO!! You will have the bestest times with those guys!! 

Puppies on RAW FOOD poop less, poop waymore tidier poops, need to drink less, have healthier teeths, stronger immune systems plus typically live longer, healthier lives than puppies stuck eating dry, processed kibble or canned foods. Plus it is NOT as 'spensive as you think!! 

Anyhoozle, one more thing. I should say Mum plus Pop still wipe my buttparts, butt only 'cuz it is a good idea to clean the buttparts of puppies with NO TAILS before you pick them up or let them get cozy on the chestercouch, knowhatimean!!?? YUP!! :) :) :) 

Shanksh for asking Hatchman!! Hope that is helpful helperman adviceybits for you!! :) <3 

"How many times a day would be good to feed my doggie? Thank you Archie." 


Maryellen Panarello McLaughlin


originally posted to Facebook Feb. 02, 2015


Truestory every puppy is differenter plus every Mum and Pop have differenter routines plus schedules too, so how many times is not as 'portant as PORTIONING plus QUALITY of the puppies yummysummies! Yes!! Basically you have to find a routine that is soopergood for you plus your specific puppy and lotsa differenter ideas can work. Most peoples choose ONE or TWO times a daytimes plus if it is a puppy, even THREE times a daytimes can be good. 

Some puppies just plain need to eat more times than other puppies 'cuz of breed-specific stuff too, so think 'bout what kind of puppy you have befores deciding. Yes!! Frenchies like me plus Mirabelle have sooper-sensitive bellyplumbing, so if we go for too long without eating, our bellies can get real unhappy plus sometimes make us barf!! Truestory!! 

So me plus Mirabelle eat two times every daytimes. Breakfastimes is 'round 8 or 9 oclocks in the morningtimes plus Dinnertimes is 'bout 5 oclocks in the eveningtimes. Yes. Works good for us. Plus we have worked with our Doctoranarian plus the Pet Nutritionist at RAWCO to figure out just exactly how much to eat so we don't get too flubbery or skinnymini!! Did you know I used to weigh 28 lubs (pounds)?? YUP!! I was a real oinkenporker back then!! Nw I weigh only 25 lubs plus everybuddy thinks I look 'mazing!! Basically I am pretty ripped for a frenchie!! I have FLABS OF STEEL!! Ha ha!! 

The other sooper'portant thing to 'member is that puppies should not eat most kinds of peoplefoods plus 'specially not people snacks!! Nope!! Puppies WANT TO, butt it is not good for them!! Plus even lotsa puppy treats are not so good. Avoid grain-type stuff, milkbones, sweet stuffs especially and stick to simple, one ingredient treats like dehydrated liver or lung or NORI like we do!! It is sooperyummy plus soopergood for a puppies belly!! I luvluvlove it!! 

Anyhoozle, shanksh for writing to me plus I am hoping this is sooperhelpful helperman adviceybits just for you, Maryellenpanarellomclaughlin!! :) :) :) 

Do you have questionthoughts? I have answerparts!!
Do you need 'mazing adviceybits!? I have piles of that stuff!!

Now is the time for asking me stuff from your brainmelon!!
I am not even joshing!! If you need helpful helperman adviceybits, just ask ME, Archie Brindleton, gentleman puppy and your bestest buddypal!! You can ask me almostly ANYTHINGS, guys!! After alls, it's not ROCKET MEDICINE and stuff!! It is easybreezy-ish!!

All you gotta do issend your questionthought to ASK ARCHIE @!! Yup!! Then maybe Mirabelle will choose your questionthought for the next ASK ARCHIE!!  

Shanksh, everybuddy!! 

Me plus Mirabelle inna picturemovie for Main Street Veterinary Services!!

Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!!