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  • not so much! 
  • no walking road! 
  • close to rollycars! 
  • not so pretty! 
  • kind of gross! 
  • don't go here! 

Park Review # 353

Elron Park

Snort Index Rating: 0.5 SNORTS!!

600 Industrial Road
London, Ontario, Canada

Hey, guys!! Truestory I was kinda looking forward to meeting this park 'cuz it has a name sorta like a WIZARD's or something!! Like "I AM THE SOOPER'MAZING ELRON PLUS I WILL MAKE THAT DELICIOUS SNACK DISAVANISH!!" Ha ha!! Butt know what!!?? NOT EVEN! This was one of the worstest parks I have seen in evertimes!! 

First of alls, there is no good boundaries, guys!! Nope!! It is real close to rollycar roads plus open on both ends, plus it is all growed over with the worstest long weeds and bristlebushes!! There is not even any walkingroads or anythings!! I know!! There is a little burblecreek that goes allaways from one end to the other, so mosttimes that is nice, Butt NOPE!! It is kinda gross, so I did not even want to cool off my undercarriage! 'Cuz I am a professional-type exploradventurer, I found the yellow poles that tell you where the doorway in is, butt even those were all rusty plus crusty plus looked eleventy majillion yeartimesold!! Guys, they call this park an "Environmentally Sensitive Area", butt sure looks like nobuddy is taking care of it!! 

So basically we walked alla 'round to make sure we did not miss anythings, butt guys... all we found was some trashybits plus garbagyjunk plus it was hard to even walk through alla the bristlebushes!! This park is not good for anythings butt maybe doing chores in, butt truestory I would have to go pretty bad to even do that!! I am not even joshing!! Come on Park!! Get it together and stuff!! 

The end. 


Me plus Mirabelle inna picturemovie for Main Street Veterinary Services!!