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Park Review # 354

Fanshawe Optimist Little League Park

Snort Index Rating: 2.0 SNORTS! 

65 Tweed Crescent, London, Ontario


  • Baseballery diamond! 
  • grassycarpet! 
  • real close to busy rollycars! 
  • two walkingroads in! 
  • lotsa grassycarpet! 
  • poopcloset! 

Hey, guys!! This park is one me plus Mum plus Pop go driving by lotsatimes, so I have been 'cited to see it up close with my very own lookingmarbles!! Yes!! Mostly it is for Baseballery for juniorpeoples, so turns out it is not so hot for puppies!! Here is why.....!! 

Basically it is not sooperbig or anythings, plus mostly it is just flat-type grassycarpet. Yes. I am thinkingthoughts prolly it is a weird blobby shape 'cuz it is just leftover space between a whole buncha peoplehouses!! Prolly!! From the peoplehouse side, it looks pretty good 'cuz there is just two little walkingroads to get in!! I like that mostimes 'cuz that makes it waymorebetter for doing zoomers goofballery in 'cuz no rollycars can get close plus it is easybreezy to see if peoples or puppies are coming and going!! BUTT... not this time!! Nope!! 

See, once you get to the grassycarpet from the walkingroads, everything looks pretty AOK!! First things you see are the baseballery diamond plus the crooked hills for sitting on for watching the baseballery, butt when you get more closer guys, you can see the whole other side of this park sits right next to a sooperbusy rollycar road!! I know!! So it is NOT a good place for goofballery!! Nope!!

So 'member to keep puppies on their safety strings when you come here, guys. I had to keep Pop on his, 'cuz he sometimes wanders off and stuff!! Other thing is 'cuz it is alla 'bout baseballery, there is not so much shadyparts 'cept for 'round the sides by the peoplehouses!! That is not my favorite!! That stuff plus no wet, wateryparts makes this park tough to have too much sooperfun in -'specially on sooperwarm daytimes like when I went! Prolly it is big piles of HappyFunTimes if you like baseballery, butt for puppies, not so much!! 

I found a neato little house made of bricks that maybe elves live in, butt nobuddy came out when I knocked on the door, so prolly they were out building toys or something. Prolly!! Plus there was even a poopcloset for peoples to do their chores in, butt it was all locked up, guys!! That is crazybananas!! What happens if somebuddy sees it from wayfaraways plus they have to do chores real bad!! They will zoomers over there and then - NOPE!! No chores, here, pal!! Anyways, that is gonna prolly make for some uncomfortablish times for somebuddy!! Prolly!! 

Anyhoozle... I am still sooperhappy I finally got to see Fanshawe Optimist Little League Park!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end.