Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

Help Archie keep everyone safe by reading and sharing his Fire Safety Posts! 

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  • sooperfancy qualityparts!
  • sparkly jewelparts! 
  • comes in fancybag with ribbonybits!
  • lots of differenter colourparts plus fabricstuffs to choose from!! 
  • three styles: Frenchie, Trunkophant (elephant) plus Oinkenporker (pig)

Plush French Bulldog


So Me Designer Plush

a division of The Chii Company

Littlewhiles a 'go a soopernice lady named MIchelleChauTaylor wrote to me, Archie Brindleton. Yes. Truestory. She asked if it would be AOK for her to send me something to have forevertimes plus to tell alla my friendlypals 'bout!! I said "'COURSE!!". Then I got sooper'cited to see what it would be!! Just littlewhiles after that, a boxalope came to our 'partmenthouse plus Mirabelle helped me open it up and everything!! She is the best at opening, guys. Know what was inside!!?? A soopercool soft Frenchiefriend for decorating with!! Yup!! 

The frenchie we got is named "AUDREY PEARLS". Yup. That is 'cuz her coat looks like whole buncha pearls, guys!! She sure is sooperpretty!! Her pearlycoat is real 'spensive looking with lotsa cool sticherybits, plus she even comes wearing a sparkly collar that looks like eleventy majillion dollarpennies plus there is even a shinygold butt tag that shines like sunsmiles!! It is hard to 'scribe 'cuz even the picturestories don't show how nice she is, guys. Truestory. 

Michelle was soopernice to us plus even let me pick the colourparts and everything!! Yup!! Just so's you know, this is a shinynew companybusiness that she is working sooperhard to get going, so if you like these picturestories plus want a sooperfancy Frenchiefriend to make one of your rooms waymoreprettier, then check out her interwebsnet shoppingstore plus tell her "ARCHIE SENT ME!!" I know alla 'bout how much sooperhard workings it takes to start a shinynew companybusiness, plus Michelle is prolly the nicest person in evertimes, so it puts Happy in my Heart to help tell everybuddy 'bout her soopercool decorational plushypals. Yup!! HappyHeartHugs for you, Michelle!! H ❤ H ❤ H ❤