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Park Review # 356

Dalkeith Park

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

806 Dalkeith Avenue, 
London, Ontario, canada



  • soopercool monkeyclimber
  • swinging chairs!
  • walking road!
  • AOK for rollychairs (wheelchairs)
  • safe from rollycars! 
  • lotsa grassycarpet! 

This is a regular-type citypark, guys!! Yup!! Nothing too 'mazing or anythings, butt I like this kind of park 'cuz it is waymoresafer for doing goofballery in 'cuz know why? 'Cuz there are only one-two-three ways in by skinny walkingroads with peoplehouses allaways a 'round!! Yup!! I like that 'cuz there is no way for rollycars to get close, plus you can see peoples plus puppies coming and going real easy!! Yes!! So that is good!! 

It is a funny angularish shape 'cuz prolly it is just a leftover chunk of place they couldn't put a peoplehouse on, butt that is AOK with me!! Mostly it is just grassycarpet with a nice walkingroad that goes from one to alla the other ways in. That was nice. There is not too much shadybits though, plus no wet waterystuffs, so on sooperwarm daytimes, you have to bring your own wet waterystuff for drinking. So 'member that. 

Best part is right in the middle 'cuz there is a sooperfun monkeyclimber that me plus Mirabelle had HappyFunTimes on. There is even swingingchairs too, butt those are sooperhard to ride on when you do not have thumbs like me, guys. Truestory. Oh!! Plus there was something really stinky on the grassycarpet on the leftpaw side so I rolled innit lots, butt don't tell Mum or Pop!! 

Pretty good job, park!! 

The end. 


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