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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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Well, guys!! This park is not so 'mazing or anythings, butt I still liked finding it plus checking it out and stuff!! Yes!! It was hiding way in the back behind a buncha peoplehouses at the end of a rollycar street!! Pretty sneaky, amirite!!?? Prolly peoples who even live 'round there don't know it is for reals, butt 'course I am a professional-type park exploradventurer, so it was no biggie for me!! Truestory!! 

There is only one way in, guys. Yup. Just a skinny little walkingroad between two peoplehouses will take you back to where it is. Normaltimes I like that, 'cuz that means it is good and safe plus secure and stuff like that, and that is for reals here too, just the park is not so 'citing anyways. 

Basically it is just a skinny chunk of grassycarpet next to a berm. That is what they call a skinny hill that goes allaways down one side. Yes. Plus that is 'bout it!! Prolly this is a great place for doing chores 'cuz nobuddy would bother you prolly!! Prolly!! Butt it is not sooperpretty 'cuz of gigantical lightning trees (power towers) plus there is no wet, wateryparts or even much shadybits either, so mostly it is pretty snoring. Yup. 

Anyhoozle... it was nice to meet you park!! 

The end. 

Exploradventuring in Meadowlilly Woods!!