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Park Review #357

Snort Index Rating: 4.0 SNORTS!!

Fairmont Trail

290 Hale Street,
London, Ontario


  • nice walking trail
  • safe!! real contained once inside!!
  • burblecreek at one end! 
  • not many peoples come here! 

I like this park sooperlots, guys!! It's sorta a secret one, butt soopergood too!! Truestory for reals this is the park in my picturestory for "PARKS I HAVE BEEN TO!" Yes!! My Pop used to take his puppy from longtimes ago here!! She was a sooperpretty WHIPPETy girl named Lux, plus they luvluvloved to go here allatimes!! Pop liked it, 'cuz whippety peoples are sooperfast, butt it was real safe here 'cuz once you are inside, there is fencing on both sides for longways!! Yup!! 

Basically the mappybits say it is just a short, skinny place that starts at 290 Hale Street and does not go too far, butt I am telling you it is waymorelonger than that!! Yup!! Truestory for reals it goes allaways along beside the choochoo trails to Kiwanis Park - Central South!! Yup!! That is a nice, long walkingtimes!! Plus don't be 'fraidy of the choochoos, guys 'cuz there is good fencing allaways from one end to the other!! For reals Just be soopercareful at the Hale Street entrance 'cuz that is a sooperbusy rollycar road, K? K!! Safetystrings on when you are there, guys!! If you want a waymoresafer way in, go to 61 Tweedsmuir!! Right by the rumblebus stop where all the lightningtrees are!! Just go straight back, then turn RIGHT!! Yup!! You will like it!!  

Once you are inside a ways, it is just a nice, pretty much flat trail that is sooperlong plus skinny. The choochoos are on one side, plus peoplehouses go allways down the other! Yup!! This makes it real safe plus real quiet too. Best part is that there is a buncha shadybits plus if you go allaways down to the Kiwanis Park - Central South end, you will find a burblecreek with even a teensy waterfall!! It is soopercool!! If it is real stinywarm it can get a little funky, but mostly it is real nice. Yes. 

Me plus Pop plus now MIrabelle have lotsa nice memorythought when we come here, guys so maybe you will like to check it out too!! Shanksh for being soopernice to my Pop, plus his Luxie Loo Hoo puppypal park!! 

The end. 


Sardines, Rolling in Stinkystuff, plus Naming your Rollycar!!