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Park Review #360

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

Glass Avenue Park

12 Glass Avenue,
London, Ontario


  • street parking for your rollycar! 
  • only 3 ways in/pretty safe!! 
  • 1 monkeyclimber! 
  • paved walkingroad
  • accessible for wheeliechairs! 
  • Not that 'mazing! 

Guys, I was tottaly 'cited to see the rollycar road made of windowglass!! I am not even joshing!! Butt know what!!?? That is not even for reals!! It was made of same pebblystuff every other rollycar road is made out of!! I know!! That is not cool, park!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is a pretty classical city-type park. Yes. It is the kind that is in the middle of leftover space between a bunch of peoplehouses. Lotsatimes I like that 'cuz that means it is not right next to a rollycar road plus there is walkingroads to get innit!! That is what this one is like!! 

Three skinny walkingroads lead into it from differenter sides plus it is sorta triangularish shape and stuff. There is a pretty OK pavey walkingroad that is good if you are inna wheeliechair. All of this is pretty good. It is not sooperbig, butt that is no biggie!! Some little guys are lotsa fun! Yup!! Butt guys... this park is not so hot. 

First of alls, there is no wordysign. That is a puppy peeve of mine, guys. Seriousface. Plus it is sorta dingy and maybe not taken care of so good. Yes. Prolly that is it. Plus there is a sooperyappy puppy right by the main way in that wouldn't stop barking at me plus Mirabelle!! Knock it off, puppy, for crying out Pete!! 

So... not so shabby, butt no so awesometimes either. Just AOK is what I am saying. Yes. 

The end.