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Park Review #358

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!


5 Lower Sherbourne Street,
Waterfront District,
Toronto, Ontario


  • drinking fountain!
  • Nice view of Toronto harbour!
  • playground for juniorpeoples!
  • splashpad! 
  • 2014 Toronto Urban Design Award
  • 2012 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) National Honour

Hi guys!! This is prolly the most faraway park I have been too so far!! Yup!! It is 'couple hourtimes a 'way in the Torontoparts of the Ontarioplace!! See, wayback in the Junetimes there was a soopercool festivalparty called THE REDPATH WATERFRONT FESTIVAL, guys!! Sure was!! Big piles of peoples came from allover everywheres, plus so did me plus Mirabelle plus Mum and Pop too!! That is 'cuz our friendlypals at built a howdybooth there for telling everybuddy 'bout their yummy raw puppy food, so we went to help!! When we got there, we found their booth was inna sooper'mazing park called SHERBOUNE COMMON!! 

Basically this park is soopersnazzy with a 'mazing view of the wet, watery harbourparts, guys!! Yes!! We watched floatyboats with Mum for longtimes!! Plus there is a sooperneato place for goofballery for juniorpeoples plus a gigantical splashing pad where wet waterystuff jumps out of the floor!! It's crazybananas!! They even have a burblecreek they made just special for this park that is so fast it does not even burble!! Nope!! It goes SWOOOOSH!! I put my foots innit and it was crazybananas!! It is just shallow and stuff, butt truestory I had to lean into it and everything!! 

You can see the CN Tower from here too, guys!! That thing is soopertall!! Even waymoretaller than my Pop!! Basically the Redpath Festival was awesometimes plus we had big piles of HappyFunTimes exploradventuring this 'mazing citypark too!! Just 'member that the Torontoplace is sooperbusy, plus basically there is wet, wateryparts on one side plus sooperbusy rollycars on the other, so SAFETY STRINGS ON, EVERYBUDDY!! Yes!! Fun is 'portant, butt safety is waymore'portanter, amirite!!?? 'Course!! 

Shanksh for putting Happy in my Heart, park!! 

The end.