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Park Review #361

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

Third Street Park

530 Third Street, 
London, Ontario


  • no parking anywheres! 
  • sketchy neighborhood! 
  • just grassycarpet! 
  • says it has a walkingroad, butt NOPE! 
  • open on one side to townhouses! (so not fenced in, guys! ) 

Guys, I am not even joshing you when I say, this park is the WORSTEST for finding a pace to park our rollycar, Burgundy Dreams!! Truestory!! Basically you have to go walkingtimes for 'couple blocks to get there!! I know!! Plus when you get there, the way in looks soopersketchy!! I know!! Plus when you finally get into the park it is just... AOK. Not 'mazing. Butt 'least it had a for reals wordysign and stuff, so that part was pretty good. 

The interwebsnet said it had a nice, pavey walkingroad so wheelychairs could come here, butt NOPE!! Just some gravellybits where you come in, then nothing but grassycarpet, guys, That is IT!! There are some leafytrees 'round the sides and stuff, butt there is LOTSA sooperflat, soopersnoring grassycarpet! Worst part is there is a burblecreek right next to this park, so I was hoping to go see it, butt -NOPE AGAIN!! It is too full of shrubadubs and stuff on that side! Plus on the other side is no fence and the back of a whole buncha townhouse peopleshouses, so technically this park is not even fenced in, guys!! 'Member that, K? K!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is real tough to get to, plus not that awesometimes when you get there, so prolly I will only go one time. Yup. Butt... I did get to see a nice oldentimer man who wanted to talk 'bout my handsome faceparts, so that was pretty nice!! Sure was!!  

The end.