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Park Review # 352

Westminster Ponds - South - Pond Mills ESA

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!

700 Pond Mills Road                            
London, Ontario, Canada


  • Puddlepond
  • duckies
  • goosies
  • boardwalk 
  • skitterbugs 
  • The Naturemama!!
  • Parking

Truestory guys, me plus Mirabelle plus Pop went to do exploradventuring at a whole 'nother park butt when we rolled right past this one, we got sooper'cited 'cuz it is pretty cool!! We did not expect for it to be so cool, butt know what!!?? It totally was!! 

This is a 'nother ESA park, guys!! That means environmentally significant area!! So everybuddy wants to take good care of this place so it stays sooperpretty and stuff!! It has a parking rodeo and everything, so getting in is soopereasy!! There is a big 'ol wordysign plus lotsa parkingplaces plus it even has a big picturesign with a roof that has a picturemap onnit so you can see alla places you can go!! 

Basically it is a big 'ol puddlepond with a walkingroad allaways a 'round. And best part is most all of the walkingroads are covered with leafytrees so there is lotsa shadyparts!! Yes. BUTT... it is 'portant to know that a whole buncha the walkingroad is pretty tough, so going allaways a 'round is for advanced beginners only, guys!! For reals!! Don't bleeve the picturemap, cuz it is NOT the same allaways a 'round!! Not even!! If you just want to do nice walkingtimes, butt not go crazybananas with exploradventuring, just take the left paw trail, K? That is the NORTH side!! Yes!! That is the part with the walkingroad made of sticks (boardwalk)!! It is sooperpretty plus you can go halfwayround to the other side easybreezy that way, then back a 'gain!! No problemmo!!

Oh!! Plus!! If you go straight back from the picturemap, it is not far to a little floating room on the wet, wateryparts!! That was pretty neato for reals, 'cuz from there you can see the whole entire puddlepond plus prolly you can wave to the fishermans on the other side!! We sure did!! Ha ha!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is pretty cool, butt 'member to bring bugspray, guys!! The skitterbugs can have bad attitudes sometimes, so spray up real good to tell them what for!! Shanksh, park!! We had HappyFunTimes and stuff!! 

The end 

Me plus Mirabelle wading 'cross MisterRiver!!

National Peacekeepers' Day