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Time for another WACKY FACTS ABOUT DOGS with Archie Brindleton, guys! 

This episode: THE WEINERDOG!

For this episode of WACKY FACTS ABOUT DOGS, I did lots of science research by hanging out with my weinerdog pals, LIMO and BALLPARK FRANK. They’re experts at being Weinerdogs, so basically they told me everything and stuff!

First, the basical facts: Weinerdogs are ridiculous looking. That is just science. 

Next: the origin invention starty bits part! I love this part! When I asked Limo and Frank how Weinerdogs were invented, this is what they said:  

Frank said that Weinerdogs were invented in the Germanyplace! That is where everybuddy loves foamydrinks, sausages plus DavidHasselhoff. Don't ask. Limo said weinerdogs were invented wayback in oldentimesdays, by Stumprecht Shortenstein who was just a teensy fella that was so short he could tie his shoes standing up! Truestory! He wanted to look taller so bad, he filed his dog Dieter’s legs down to little nubs, plus then put the feets back on. This made sense to me. 
Anyhoozle, the Germanyplace used to be called TOOTENSCHTEIN which means "Place of farting", butt the tourism board changed it 'cuz nobody wanted to vacation there. One oldentimesday, during the OKTOBERFEST Bum Trumpet Festival, there was a crazybananas storm with skysparklers plus thunderboomers and everything!! Yes!! ALLASUDDEN Deiter the stubby puppy got 'fraidy and jumped into a pot of sauerkraut plus sausages - then go hit by lightning!! The rest is pretty much history. 

Extra fun fact: Stumprecht Shortenstein also performed crazy electronical experiments on a pot-bellied pig named Dieter until it played music. This is how the ham radio was invented. 

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Now for the FACTEROIDS!! 

FACT: Weinerdogs are sometimes known as Sausage Dogs, Long Dogs, Doxies, Hotdog Dogs, Badger Dogs, Golfclub Dogs, Little Burrow Dogs, Earth Dogs,  plus in the Germanyplace, they are known as either Dieter or DavidHasselhoff.

FACT: They come with short hair, long hair and weird hair. Weird hairs are often scientistpeoples who wear white coats and long hairs have trouble holding down jobs. They also come in three sizes: Toy, Miniature and Venti, butt the toy’s do not include batteries. 

FACT:  Weinerdogs are super brave plus  soopercurious plus write all of the episodes of TV cop shows like CSI, Law and Order plus also Golden Girls for some reason. They are 'mazing at puzzles and can be stacked up like Lincoln Logs if you don’t have a lot of room to store them. 

FACT:  Weinerdogs are very clever and know the Cadbury secret, butt won't tell anybuddy. They also travel well and a weinerdog named FODOR has written several excellent books on how to travel if your faceparts are longer than your legparts. 
Check out his website:

FACT: Weinerdogs come in lots of cool colours like brindle (like me!) or white, or black, or tri-colours, or even made-up colours like dapple or piebald, plus can often be seen wearing shoes and vests that look like hot dog buns because it is the funniest thing your lookingmarbles will see in evertimes!! Ha ha!! Bellychuckles for reals, guys!! 

I am Archie Brindleton and those are the facts -far as I know!

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