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Park Review #371

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!!

Alexandra Park

154 Caradoc Street North
Strathroy, Ontario


  • parking rodeo for rollycars! 
  • pavey walkingroads! 
  • lotsa leafytrees plus shadybits!
  • a burblecreek!! 
  • swingingchairs! 
  • soopercool monkeyclimber! 
  • splashingpad for stinkywarmtimes! 

Okeedoke!! This park review is sooper'citing 'cuz it happened in a whole 'nother city from where I live!! Yup!! It is 'bout half of one hourtimes a 'way from our foreverhome in a place called STRATHROY, ONTARIO!! Truestory!! That is not too fars, butt fars enough it was gonna have to be pretty good after alla the drivingtimes and stuff!! Yes!! Plus know what!!?? IT TOTALLY WAS!! 

This is a sooperbig park right in the middleparts of the Strathroyplace with lotsa pavey walkingroads, plus lotsa leafytrees for shadybits, plus one of the most 'mazing-ist goofballery spots for juniorpeoples too!! The monkeyclimber was gigantical, plus there was lotsa swingingchairs plus tipsytotters plus even sooperfun diggery chairs for pretenderating you are driving constructiontrucks!! It was the coolest!! Best part was that there is even a splishysplashy pad with lotsa fun squirterybits allover everywheres!! That is perfectal for the stinkywarmtimes like right now, guys!! 

There is even a gigantical baseballery field for playing that game too!! I even saw some poopclosets, butt they were all locked up for some reason. Dunno!! Butt maybe they will work when you go!! Just outside this park is the downtownplace of Strathroy so you can do shoppingtimes plus even find lotsa yummysummies to put in your bellies. PLUS... there is a soopergigantical bunch of walkingroads called the ROTARY MEMORIAL TRAIL that goes right through this park, so you can leave your rollycar here, butt go exploradventuring for longways otherplaces too!! We even tried some and it is soopernice!! 

I like this park lots 'cuz even though it is in the very middleparts of a little cityplace, it is soopergreen plus there is tons of leafytrees plus shrubadubs and The NatureMama stuff allover everywheres!! Basically it has lots of everythings for everybuddy!! One of my most favoritist parts was hearing a burblecreek when we were just moseying onna walkingroad!! 'Course I found it soopereasy onna count of me being an professional-type exploradventurer, so I got cool off my undercarriage too!! Yup!! 

Only thing keeping me from giving FIVE SNORTS is 'cuz there are rollycar roads pretty close plus no fences. Yes. So just be pretty careful with puppypals. Prolly safetystrings are best, guys. Prolly. Butt mostly this park was sooperfun!! Yup!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end.