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Park Review #372

Snort Index Rating: 0.0 SNORTS!!

Northridge Pool

15 Mclean Drive
London, Ontario


  • a puddlepond, 'course!! 
  • NOT for puppies
  • not even a park so much! 
  • just a puddlepond hiding with fencybits alla 'round it! 
  • basically a bummer for me! 

Guys. This park is mostly a gigantical bummer 'cuz I am not even allowed to go in to check it out!! Can you even bleeve it!!?? Truestory!! It is on my 'ficcial park list, so 'course I went, plus triedto see all of the whole entire place, butt NOPE!! It is not for puppies!! 

Basically it is a big, puddlepond with fence-ybits allaways a'round it so the juniorpeoples don't wander off in their swimmingpants or something. I don't even know and stuff. I can tell you for reals there is no leafytrees or grassycarpets or shrubadubs though. Looks pretty snoring from where I was!! 

So if you like to do swimmingtimes plus you are NOT a  puppy, maybe this park is for you. Butt if you are a gentleman puppy who is waymorebetter at WADING than swimming, DON'T EVEN COME TO THIS PARK!! Thanks for not so much, park!! 

The end.