Parks I have been to!



Park Review #376

Snort Index Rating: 0.5 SNORTS!!


411 Halls Mill Road, 
London, Ontario


  • not so much
  • wood lot
  • no walkingroads
  • not for peoples or puppies
  • one part is next to MisterRiver
  • other part is next to rollycar roads

Well, guys... we are getting down to the end of my sooperlong list of parks to see, so some of these last ones are pretty snoring - NO OFFENSE PARK!! 

Anyhoozle, there is not so much that is wrong with this park, butt there is not so much right with it either!! What I am saying is it is all a wilderwild of leafytrees plus shrubadubs plus stuff like that. No walkingroads, no park-like features, nothings like that. Just wilderwild. One part is real close to MisterRiver which is nice, butt you can't get there 'cuz it is so crazybananas thick!! Plus the other side is right next to a sooperbusy rollycar road!! I know!! 

So this park is not for visiting. Nope. It is not fun for peoples OR puppies!! Just for The NatureMama plus all her babies. So that is AOK with me. Yup. Nice to meet you, park!! 

The end.