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Park Review #367

Snort Index Rating: 3.0 SNORTS!!

Glen Cairn Park - North

9 Wilson Lane, 
Port Burwell, Ontario


  • Β 

There is lots to like 'bout this citypark, guys!! Truestory it is pretty big, plus there is nice, pavey walkingroads, plus a soopersweet monkeyclimber for juniorpeoples, plus there is even other parks right nextdoor too!! Yup! Glen Cairn Park - EAST plus Glen Cairn Park - WEST are just right a 'cross the rollycar road!! 

Butt that is my most biggest prollem with this park, guys: It sorta looks like one big, citypark, butt it is for reals THREE!! Yes!! Plus worst part is that rollycar roads go right through the middleparts!! That is not so hot!! There is even a sooperbusy rollycar road at the most Northy part of this park, too, so doing zoomers goofballery is prolly not good thinkingthoughts, guys. Nope. Keep those safetystrings ON, K? K!! 

Butt it is a nice place for walkingtimes. That much is for reals. There is even some nice woodsyplaces too with leafytrees plus shrubbadubs and everything. The NatureMama did some nice stuffs in here. 

Just too many rollycars! Sorry park!! 

The end.