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Park Review #365

Snort Index Rating: 4.0 SNORTS!!

Pioneer Village

2609 Fanshawe Park Rd. E.
London, OntarioINSIDE Fanshawe Conservation Area in London, Ontario.


(* Enter at 1424 Clarke Road and follow the Orange Directional signs)


  • Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an early example of the museum type known as a β€œPioneer Village,” initially developed in mid-20th century Ontario by Conservation Authorities.

    Fanshawe Pioneer Village tells the story of rural communities in the former townships of Westminster, London, North Dorchester, Delaware, West Nissouri and Lobo in Middlesex County from 1820 to 1920 and the founding and development of the City of London up to 1840.


This is a sooperspecial park review, guys!! Know why?? I will tell you!! 'Cuz this park is only open for puppies ONE DAY every yeartimes!! Yup!! This park has a special puppy festival called A DAY FOR THE DOGS so you can bring your puppypals for lotsa special puppydog activities plus contests and stuff!! This year (2015), it is happening on the Septembertimes number 13, so don't miss out, K? K!! 

Basically this park is a special museumplace that pretends to be a for reals teensy village from the oldentimerdays!! Yes!! The coolest part is they have it all arranged so it is just like TIMES TRAVELLING, guys!! Yes!! When you first go in, it is in the early 1800times, butt by the end, it is the early 1900times!! That is like walking through 100 yeartimes!! How 'mazing is that!!?? 

There is log cabinhouses, plus learningschools, plus a lodge, plus an oinkenporker (pig) farm where you can meet Ginger the pig!! Me plus Mirabelle did plus she is soopernice!! Yup!! There is sheeps for saying "HI!" to, plus a barn, plus a tavern, plus a sawmill, plus a brewery, plus a general store plus all kinds of for reals buildinghouses you can go see!! 

Best part is there are real, live actormans plus actorladies all dressed up in oldentimer clothes that will talk to you plus tell you alla 'bout everythings!! There is even a cafe for eating yummysummy treats at too!! 

This park has lots'nlots of stuff goings on allatimes!! Yup!! Like outside theatreplays, plus Weddings, plus parties plus special learningschool days, plus tons of sooperfun stuff!! 

So basically if you have not gone yet, you should go!! Plus if you have puppypals, try to go to A DAY FOR THE DOGS puppy festival 'cuz there is picturetography, agility demonstrations, obedience demonstrations, rescue organization meet and greets, a talent show, a best dressed show, and all kindsa prizes to win too!! 

Me plus Mirabelle had big piles of fun at Fanshawe Pioneer Village, plus you will too!!
Shanksh, park!! 

The end.