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Park Review #368

Snort Index Rating: 5.0 SNORTS!!

Port Burwell
Provincial Park

150 Helena Avenue, 
London, Ontario


  • "The 2.5 km sandy beach is one of most beautiful on the northern shore of Lake Erie"
  • "An exceptional family friendly campground with large, well-treed, level sites as well as an outstanding play area for kids"
  • "An undiscovered birder’s paradise"

Guys. This park is all a'bout the sandybeach. Yes. Peoples say there are nice walkingroads for exploradventuring there too, butt I don't even give a care 'cuz most importantal thing for me was the sandybeach for puppys!! Yes!! Truestory there is a bunch of sandybeaches for puppies at other parks allover the Ontarioplace, butt... THIS ONE IS BESTEST!! 

First of alls it is a nice and sooperwide sandybeach, so there is lotsa space for zoomers goofballery!! Very 'portant!! Next of alls, it stays real shallow for longtimes in the wet, wateryparts which Is 'mazing 'cuz I am not a strong swimmer, guys. Not even. Mostly I like to just WADE. Yes. And this beach is soopergood for wading! 

Butt bestofalls, this is the only OFF LEAD sandybeach for puppies I have seen in evertimes!! Yup!! I cannot find even one other one where puppies are not supposed to be wearing their safetystrings allatimes!! 

When you go through the front gates plus give them your dollarpennies (It will cost 12-20 dollarpennies per rollycar to get in depending on when you go) then take the first parkingrodeo, on the left paw side!! That is the one that goes to the puppyparts!! Basically keep going LEFT, guys!! Yup!! Last part of the sandybeach in that direction is where you will see the wordysigns that say "DOG EXERCISE AREA" plus then you can take off your safetystrings!! It is sooper'mazing!! You will see a gigantical wall of boulderocks that go out into the wet, wateryparts that have a lightninghouse right on the end!! It is pretty cool 'cuz it makes a soopercool boundary for the puppyparts!! I like boundaries and stuff, 'cuz that helps make parks soopersafe, amirite!!?? Prolly!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is pretty good for lotsa reasons, butt for me, it is awesometimes just 'cuz it has the bestests sandybeach for puppies I have seen in evertimes!! Shanksh, park!! 

The End.