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THURSDAY MORNINGTIMES!! (6 photos and links)

THURSDAY MORNINGTIMES!! (6 photos and links)

Guys!! Guys!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Goodmorningtimes and stuff!! Yes!! Butt alsotimes.... do you wanna see where me plus Mirabelle are gonna moverate to!!?? YOU DO!!?? Soopercool!! Butt firstest...

'Member when we showed you guys how MumMum's buildinghouse was getting a shinynew crooked hill at the front!!?? 'Member!!?? They took off the whole entire frontparts plus builderated shinynew ones!! Well, truestory for reals it is ALL DONE!! check it out and stuff!!.......

That is MumMum's buildinghouse in the closeparts, plus that is where we live nowabouts in the wayfarbackparts!! Yup!! MumMum lives sooperclose to us, nextdoor and everything!! 

Plus look how 'mazing her buildinghouse looks with the shinynew crooked hill in the frontparts!! Alla the steppingparts, the railingparts, the little roofparts with big white legs holding it up are all brand, shinynew!! I am not even joshing!! ...............

The buildermans just finished putting shiny COPPERstuff 'round the roofparts right over my brainmelon!! Can you see!!?? It is sooperpretty for reals, don'tchathink!!?? US TOO!! 

Can you seeee the little, bloo, roundish wordysign Mirabelle is reading!!??
No!!?? I will show you!!...........

There it is!! This wordysign means this buildinghouse is special 'cuz it is HISTORICALLY SOOPER'PORTANT!! Yup!! So that means the peoples who own it have to take real good care of it allatimes forever plus everever!! Yup!! PLUS... not just that, butt 'cuc it is historically 'portant, the peoples who own it have to keep it looking the very same as it was when it was n'vented!! Yup!! So everythings is just so like the special roofings, this shinynew crooked hill, plus even the copperbits 'round the roofparts too!! Everythings has to be 'zackly right!! Fact is, it is sorta like a MUSEUMHOUSE now!! Yes!! 

We like that lots'nlots, guys!! Yes!! That is how come we have 'cided to......

...MOVE INTO HERE!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜€

I am not even joshing, guys!! We get to keep alla our neighborpals, plus stay sooperclose to MumMum, plus we get to move into this 'mazing buildinghouse too!! Yes!! Seriousface!! 

We will show you the insideparts latertimes, butt for the nowabouts, check out the galleryparts down below for waymore picturestories of our shinynew foreverhome!! Yes!! 

Okeedoke!! Times for starting this sooper'mazing Thursdaytimes, guys!! I am goings on a HappyHeartMission to McCormick Home a 'gain, so I gotta get ready and stuff!!
Ready!!?? Let's do it!! 


HERE WE GO-GO-GO!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Did you know!!?? THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2016 is...


Click for more information about SESAME STREET DAY

Click for more information about SESAME STREET DAY

New York City, by a Mayoral Proclamation from Michael Bloomberg, established November 10, 2009 as "sesame Street Day," a day to mark the show's 40th Anniversary. To Celebrate, the corner of 64th Street and Broadway in Lincoln Square was temporarily renamed 123 Sesame Street with a  dedication ceremony on November 9, 2009. 

Sesame Street has earned the distinction of being one of the world's foremost and most highly regarded educators of young people. Few television series can match its level of recognition and success on the international stage. The original series has been televised in 120 countries, and more than 20 international versions have been produced. In its long history, Sesame Street has received more Emmy Awards than any other program, and has captured the allegiance, esteem, and affections of millions of viewers worldwide. 

Okeedoke, friendlypals!!
Times for a 'nother sooperfun episode of... Archie Brindleton's NAME THAT PICTUREMOVIE!! 
Yup!! I am gonna say some sooperfamous wordybits from a sooperfamous picturemovie, plus YOU try to guess the name of the picturemovie, K? K!! Here we go-go-go!! *AHEM*....

"HappyFunTimes can be founded even when it is sooperdark, butt only if you 'member to not forget to turn on the lightningbulbs!!"

Did you guess!!?? Awesometimes!! If you do not know yet, check at the bottom of this page!! 

No BACKFLASH for this daytimes, guys!! That is 'cuz we are doing a NOWFLASH sorta with more picturestories of our handsome, plus shinynew 'partmenthouse!! Yes!! 


If you are artsyfartsy, plus would like to make Archie Art to have put on display in the Arch Gallery, that would be the soopercoolist!! 

Just send good picturestories or a copy of your Archie art or even a high res photo Pop can make into a picture painting to... or mail it to:

Unit 15, 467 Baker Street,
london, Ontario, Canada, N6C 1X9

Plus just so's you know: this morningtimes NAME THAT PICTUREMOVIE was...


That is everythings 'till latertimes, you guys!! 

Me plus Mirabelle plus everybuddy in The Brindlebunch want you to have the bestest Thursdaytimes in all of evertimes, K? K!! 

Let's have some fun!! 

HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ