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Park Review #522

Snort Index Rating: 3.0 SNORTS!!

22609 Hyde Park Road, 
Ilderton, Ontario, Canada


  • Gigantical pavillionhouse BUILDINGBARN!!  
  • Free (3) Baseballery fields!!
    (Too 2 teensy ones, plus one gigantical!!) 
  • Soopercool splashing pad!!  
  • A whole buncha neato monkeyclimbers!!
  • Rollyboarding skate park!! 
  • Parking rodeo for rollycars!!  

Me plus Mirabelle doing crazybananas zoomers on the baseballery field!! Ha ha!! 

Okeedoke!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

How is everybuddy doing this daytimes!!??
Soopergood I am hoping!! Sure am!! Mirabelle is too!! Did you know that 'fore the goober Old Winterman came back, me plus Mirabelle were doing zoomers allover everywheres to see as many shinynew parks as we could 'fore it got all freezy and stuff!! Yup!! We saw lots'nlots too, PLUS... one of the most neato ones was wayfarout in the ILDERTONparts of my ONTARIOPlace!! Truestory!! It is called HERITAGE PARK plus it has the biggest buildingbarn I have everever seen!! I am not even joshing!! 

HERITAGE PARK is sorta cool 'cuz it is easy to see, butt the way in is hiding behind a libraryhouse!! Yes!! You gotta go to the libraryhouse, then do some twistyturns then go wayfarback past the baseballery fields to get to the rollycar rodeo!! We did not know, so we did walkingtimes allways from the libraryhouse!! IKNOW!! Butt that was sorta cool too, 'cuz that way we got to see alla the baseballery fields up close and stuff!! There is not just ONE, guys!! Nope!! There is one sooperbig one, butt TOO (2) teensy ones too!! Seriousface!!

'Course the firstest thing you see when you get 'roundtheback of the libraryhouse is a GIGANTICAL BUILDINGBARN!! I have neverever seen one inna park befores, so that was 'mazing!! The bottom is all opened up with lotsa pickanicking tables plus even some fancy poopclosets too!! It was pretty swanky for a buildingbarn, that is for reals!! Ha ha!! 

Anyhoozle, then we found the monkeyclimbers plus alla the sooperfun gooballery equipment for juniorpeoples!! There was LOTS'NLOTS, guys!! plus we played allover it like real, live monkeypeoples!! There was a pretend Fire Department rumblytruck, a plopapotamus for climbing in, swingingchairs, basically everythings juniorpeoples like!! Check out the gallery so you can see us having HappyFunTimes a whole buncha stuff!!

Nextest we saw the splashingpad for when it is sooper stinkywarm plus alla the juniorpeoples want to get all soakery and cool off their undercarriages and stuff!! It was not working when we went, butt it looked sooperawesometimes!! Yes!!

Then there was a rollyboard skate park too!! IKNOW!! This park has almostly everything!! A couple of emo kids were moping allover that part, so we did not go in, butt it looked pretty neato if you are into rollerboarding, or even just moping a 'round, like those emo kids!! Ha ha!! 

Latofalls, me plus Mirabelle did was sooperdooper crazybananas zoomers goofballery allover the baseballery field, guys!! Was sooperfun for reals!! 

Basically this park is pretty fun -even for puppies!! Yup!! Plus... 'cuz it has fenceryparts almost allaways 'round, plus 'cuz it is hiding behind the libraryhouse, it was pretty safe plus secure and stuff too!! It totally was!! We had big piles of bellychuckles the whole entire times!! 

Shanksh, park!! I luvluvlove your crazybananas building barn!! That was real differenter!! 
Maybe they will put one of those in parks where I live too!! That would be AMAYZAZING!! 


See you latertimes, everybuddy!! 



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MONDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)