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Hi, guys!! 😊 πŸ’œ Check it out and stuff!! .........

This sooper'mazing boxalope showed up at our mailingbox!! Yup!!
Plus Mum says it came allaways from the FRANCEplace!! IKNOW!! πŸ˜Š 

Wanna see what is inside!!?? US TOO!!

Okeedoke!! Skootch in plus find a good spot for your buttparts, 'cuz we are gonna totally open it all up, plus brainlearn alla 'bout WHO sended it, WHAT is inside, plus WHERE everythings innit comes from!! How cool is that!!?? It is sorta like we are goings to the Franceplace right nowabouts -WITH YOU!! Yes!! .....

The boxalope says it came allaways from the AUBAGNEparts of the FRANCEplace!! Now I know who sended it!! It is our bestest friendlyfriend....

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ SasaSasaBis!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Let's have a looksee at what AUBAGNE looks like, K? K!! ...........

Golly!! So sooperbeautiful for reals!! Don'tchathink, guys!!?? Me too!! Mirabelle too too!! Ha ha!! 

Sure wishowish we could all go togethertimes for exploradventuring with our friendlyfriend SasasasaBis!! That would be AMAYZAZING!! If you would like to read littlebits more 'bout the AUBAGNEplace, click this linkybit, K? K: 


Okeedoke!! Let's see what is in the boxalope, K? K!! Mirabelle will open it, 'cuz she is the bestest at opening!! .......................


WHOA!! There is a whole buncha stuff in here!! I will get them out one by each, K? K!!...

A box of buiscuits for Mum plus Pop!! 

Wowzers, guys!! Treats allaways from the Franceplace!! 

Did you know!!?? These crispy buiscuits are called THE BROKEN TOOTH!! Ha ha!! I fed alla the wordybits from the box to my translator robot, plus this is what he says is on the box - I am not so sure it is 'zackly correct, butt.... well, see for yourselfs, K? K!! ..................

Brand filed in 1932, the teeth puzzle is a biscuit made from flour, almonds, sugar and a few well-kept secrets of the house.
Formerly the "crunchy" represented the boorish, rude people poor, Crisp was indeed al origin a poor biscuit material, flour of poor quality water, sugar and some almonds, which made a commodity honΓ©reuse very few and very nourishing.
They say the "teeth-breaking" this is an improved crisp, of higher quality, more rich in almonds and tough enough to be named etΓ© Brain teeth ...

Golly!! Sounds like this treat has been round forevertimes!! Yes!! Used to be this was sorta a cheapo-type of treat, butt now these guys make them soopergood plus sooperfancy!! How 'mazing is that!!?? ....................

Know what!!?? I founded a picturemovie from the factorystore that makes these treats!! Truestory!! Let's see how they are n'vented and stuff, K? K!! ......................

Sure wishowish I could hang out with those guys, amirite!!?? Ha ha!!


Let's have a looksee at the nextest thing from the boxalope!! Check THIS out!! ................

More fancy treats for Mum plus Pop!! 

ooooOOOoooo!! Sooperfancy treats inna crinkly windowbag, guys!! I like it!!
Sure smells 'mazing, too!! 

These are called Papillote De Nougat Blanc De Provence!! Did you know!!?? The place that makes these has been builderating them since the 1837times!! That is even more oldentimer than our POP!! Hope these ones were not made waybackthen and stuff!! Ha ha!! 

Know what else!!?? The shoppingstore that sells them is AWESOMETIMES!! Check out the picturemovie I founded that is alla 'bout them!! .............................

Manomanoman... wishowish we could go to that place with lotsa dollarpennies!! Yes!! Who wants to come too!!?? I BET!! Hee hee!! 

I do not know too much Francewords, butt it is still soopercool to watch that picturemovie, don'tchathink!!?? ME TOO!! Mirabelle too too!!

Okeedoke!! There is still a 'couple stuffs left in the boxalope!! IKNOW!! Check THIS out!! ...........

For me, Archie Brindleton!! 

Hee hee!! How sooperfun is THIS guy!!?? I luvluvlove him alreadytimes!! ...............

For my Mirabelle!! 

Plus Mirabelle gets a pretty one just for her!! Golly!! This is sooper'mazing!! Took me a whiles to find these guys, butt they are n'vented by a companybusiness called MONOPRIX!! Yes!! They have everythings in their shoppingstores like snacks plus sweatershirts, plus footsieboots - EVERYTHINGS!! Plus did you know!!?? These sooperfun toys are called...


Ha ha!! I luvluvlove it!! Sooperfun!! ........

So.... me plus Mirabbelle plus Mum plus Pop all want to say a gigantical SHANKSH to our bestest friendlyfriend SasaSasaBis who lives wayfaraways in the Franceplace for being so soopernice!! YOU ARE THE BESTEST!! πŸ’œ

We luvluvlove everythings you sended us, plus we are sending you HappyHeartHugs with extra lovings just for you!! Yes!! Here they come!! 

HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ

Plus shanksh to you guys for helping open up, plus do brainlearning alla 'bout the AUBAGNEparts of the FRANCEplace, plus alla the soopercool giftybits that came in our boxalope!! Hope you had sooperfuntimes like we did!! Did you know!!?? Everythings is waymorebetter when we get to share it with you!! Truestory!! 

πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ See you latertimes, everybuddy!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ




FRIDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)

FRIDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)