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Hidey-ho, everybuddy!! 😊💜

Shanksh for coming walkingtimes with me plus Mirabelle!! 'Course we are sooper'cited to go hang out with The NatureMama everytimes we go, butt it is waymorebetter when you guys get to come too!! Truestory!! 

Okeedoke!! Everybuddy got your walkingsocks on!!?? Soopercool!!
Then grab some yummysummy treats, plus maybe a cozywarm zoomersjuice or somethings so's we can DOOP DEE DOOP!!......................

Here we are at the start of the wildertrail, guys!! That is our rollycar, SkyrollerBloo, plus me too, butt prolly you can't even see me 'cuz I am hiding like a sneaky ninjaman!! Yes!! 

Hi guys!! We are gonna do some exploardventuring in MEADOWLILLY WOODS, butt for this daytimes we are starting inna whole differenter spot!! Yup!! Looks like somebuddy's drivingway, BUTT... if you look littlebits closer, you will see.........

YUP!! There is the wordysign that says if you go THAT way, it will take you to Meadowlilly Woods too!! Soopercool, amirite!!?? Let's go and stuff!! ................

Uh... Waitamminit!! Gimme some times, guys!! I have to do some chores 'fore we get goings, K? K!! ...................

Okeedoke!! Here is the starting parts!! This wildertrail is wearing a safety string, so let's be soopercareful going 'round guys!! 

ooooOOOoooo!! Doesn't it look 'MAZING out here!!?? I KNOW!! 

Golly!! The leafytrees are pretty much in their birthdaysuits, guys!!
Alla their leafybits are on the ground and stuff!! 

The OldWinterman is coming, guys!! Yup!! Plus he is not so fars a 'way too!! That is how come it is sooper'portant for us to get out here for hanging out with The NatureMama plus alla her babies 'fore it gets all freezy wintertimes and stuff!! Yes!! 

I like this field, guys!! We made a picturemovie here one times of Mirabelle's firstest time at Meadowlilly Woods!! Do you 'member!!??
She was chasing Mum through the ticklegrass!! Hee hee!! 

This leafytree is a big 'ol fella!! 

We are gonna take you to the LUX MEMORIAL OASIS, guys!! You will see!! It is not so fars thisaways!! 

How is everybuddy doing, anyhoozle!!?? Doing good!!?? Need some yummy snacks or slurpings from your zoomersjuice!!?? No problemmo!! We will wait right hereabouts for you!! Yup!!  

Can you guys find us!!?? I am waymoreasier to find, butt truestory for reals my Mirabelle is almostly unvisible in here!! She has the same rainbowparts as alla the leafybits on the ground!! It is crazybananas!! 

ooooOOOoooo!! "SOOPERGOOD JOB, NATUREMAMA!!" So beautifullish and stuff!! Yes!! 

Here we are, everybuddy!! This is the LUX MEMORIAL OASIS!! Yup!! Did you know!!?? This is where our Pop comes to do 'memberings of the puppy who lived with him plus Mum 'fore we moved in!! Yup!! Her name was LUX, plus she was a whippet princess!! Truestory!! ..............

This is what you see when you are down innit, guys!! Yup!! Lots'nlots of ORANGEY-NESS, amirite!!?? 

I like this part!! There is a soopercool walkingroad that goes allaways to MisterRiver!! Yup!! Butt we are not going thattaways, guys!! We will say "Burble Urble Urble" to him nextimes!! 

Wait for me, everybuddy!! I was using my smellerator to check out some naturebits!! There is cool smellings allover everywheres out here!! Seriousface!! 

Dunno 'bout you guys, butt.... I like to come here for reflectorating, plus making thinkingthoughts, plus basically for filling up my HappyHeart with Naturemama lovings!! Yes!! 

Can you even bleeve this was all GREEN just littletimes a 'go!!?? IKNOW!! 

Almostly done, guys!! Just 'couple more hillybits, plus then we will be back to the start!!
You are doing 'MAZING!!  

*SIGH* Golly......... I luvluvlove Meadowlilly Woods, guys. Mirabelle too. Don't you!!?? 


That is the end of our DOOP DEE DOOP walkingtimes you guys!! Was sooperfun for reals!! You did amayzazing!! Shanksh for coming with us, 'cuz sharing stuff with you is the bestest part!! I am saying that from the basement of my HappyHeart too!! 😊💜

Plus 'fore it gets all freezy and stuff, try to go see the Naturemama where you are too, K? K!!

See you latertimes, everybuddy!!  

H💜 H💜 H💜




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TUESDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)