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Park Review #398

Snort Index Rating: 2.0 SNORTS!!


121 Oakside Street, 
, Ontario, Canada


  • Sorta secret!!
  • No wordysigns or anythings!!
  • Like an old rollycar road with a teensy park in the middleparts!! 
  • Otherwise... not so much!! 
  • Too close to rollycars!! 

This park is pretty mysterious-ish and stuff, guys. Yes. Butt not as cool as that is prolly sounding. 

Firstofalls there is no wordysign anywheres!! That is a peevey pet of mine, guys!! Sure is!! If I was not a professional-type park exploradventurer plus also had a MAP to say where it is, prolly I would neverever even found it and stuff!! Prolly!! 

Secondofalls, it looks forgotted. Yes. Like it is not getting taken care of or anythings. There was no trashbarrels or any walkingroads or benches for buttparts.... or... anythings, guys. That says to me, not many folks come to see this park anymores!! Nope!! Plus it looks like wayback in oldentimerdays, this was a rollycar road!! Looks like!! A rollycar road from one neighbourhood to a whole 'nother one, with a teensy park in the middleparts!! 

From each end, it just looks like a sorta oldentimer, forgotted rollycar lane!! With only grassycarpet!! Not pebblybits or paveybits at all!! Butt if you walk from one end to the other one, you will find a teensy little park hiding out in the middleparts!! It is not so much to look at, just grassycarpet plus a 'couple leafytrees and stuff, so it is not 'mazing or anythings, butt... there is somethings sorta cool 'bout it being so secret-like and stuff. Yes. That is what I am thinkingthoughts. Butt... it is not so soopercool how it is open at both ends right next to rollycar roads, so there is not safetyfence or anythings. Anyhoozle... that is what it was like, guys!! 

Shanksh, park!! You are a mysterious-ish oldentimer, with not so much going on, butt it was soopercool to meet you!! πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š