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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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Hi everybuddy!! It's me, your bestest friendlypal, Archie Brindleton!! 


I am sooper'cited to a 'nnounce how many dollarpennies we got for my first in evertimes charity pictureshirt sale!! Yes!! Firstofalls it went 'MAZING!! Soopershanksh to everybuddy who traded dollarpennies to get one!! Truestory for reals no joshing seriousface it means sooperlots to me!! 

Just so's you know, I like to use  TEESPRING.COM for stuffs like this 'cuz they take care of everythings soopergood!! One day when my Archie Brindleton's Incorporational Companybusiness is waymorebigger, we will do it all by ourselfs, butt for the nowabouts, TEESPRING.COM is working out awesometimes!! ...............

Mum is helping me make a picturestory for me to share with you!! 

Anyhoozle, littlewhiles back I gave TEESPRING.COM my picturedrawing for my first in evertimes charity teeshirt sale, plus then they set everythings all up for me!! I got to pick what KIND of shirts, plus what RAINBOWPARTS (colours) to make them in, butt after that, they did pretty much everythings!! 

So... it is called my HappyHeartHugs Charity Shirt 'cuz alla the dollarpennies we make trading them for dollarpennies will go to our friendlypal James Rice who needs lotsa helpings to get shinynew kidneyparts!! Yes!! It says "GIVE SOME - GET SOME - HAPPYHEARTHUGS!" onnit 'cuz this shirt is alla 'bout helping other peoples who need it, plus how helping other peoples is good for YOU too, guys!! Sure is!! The morethers I give, the morethers I get!! Truestory!! 

They came Pop-size, Mum-size, plus inna sooperneato HOODIE for peoples who want to look the coolist!! Ha ha!! ...................

Pretty neato, amirite!!?? YUP!! 😊 💜

So we let the sale go for as long as TEESPRING.COM would let us, butt 'couple weeks a'go it was finallytimes all done!! Yup!! SEVENTY TWO charity shirts got traded for dollarpennies, guys!! Isn't that 'mazing!!??  That means we can send our friendlypal Jamesrice....

🎵 dum duh duh dum dum dum dummmmmmm!! 🎵...

$1200.00 !!

I KNOW!! I don't even know what that means, butt everybuddy is real 'cited, so SO AM I!!
Plus check out alla these sooperawesome friendlypals who sent me picturestories of them plus their shinynew HappyHeartHugs Charity Shirt!! 😃 😃 😃.....................

Everybuddy looks so soopergood with my faceparts on them!! Ha ha!!
Okeedoke, now for the picturestory Mum was helping me with at the start, K? K!! ..................

Mum plus Pop in their HappyHeartHugs Charity shirt!! 

It is pretty funny, butt 'cuz we get TEESPRING.COM to help with everythings, Mum plus Pop had to trade dollarpennies for theirs too!! Seriousface!! Ha ha!! Butt they are sooperhappy with them, plus look soopernice in their HappyHeartHugs shirts too!! 

This put gigantical piles of Happy in my Heart, you guys!! Shanksh a 'gain for being so soopercool to help me help Jamesrice!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST!! 

H💜 H💜 H💜

Jamesrice.... pretty soon a whole buncha dollarpennies are gonna be comin'atcha!! 😊 💜 😊 💜 😊 💜



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