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Park Review #400

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!!


95 Elm Street,
St. Thomas
, Ontario, Canada


  • Bandshell for musicsounds!!
  • 'Mazing monkeyclibers for juniorpeoples!!
  • Lotsa statues plus monuments and stuff!! 
  • Lotsa pavey walkingroads!!
  • Splishsplashy pad!!
  • Still....... not perfectal for puppies!!  

Did you know!!?? This park has been 'round since the 1863times for crying out Pete!! Isn't that pretty cool!!?? Butt most 'mazing part is, this park keeps getting soopercool shinynew stuff added, so it is not snoring, guys!! It is awesometimes!! It is in the next citytown over from my London, Ontario in a place called called ST. THOMAS!! Yes. Plus one thing is for reals...
St. Thomas luvluvloves their PINAFORE PARK!! You can tell soon as you get there!! 

We had sooperfuntimes at this park 'cuz there is so much stuffs for doing here, guys!! To see everythings, we walked allover plus alla'round and it took HOURTIMES to see alla the sooperneato features this park is full-up with!! 

Firstofalls there is lots'nlots of places to leave your rollycar!! So that is good. Plus there is prolly one jillion pavey walkingroads plus some pebbly ones, plus tons of grassycarpet, all kept nice 'nclean so everything looks real shinynew even though lots'nlots is oldentimer!! it's 'mazing!! 

There are lotsa sooperfun monkeyclimbers for juniorpeoples!! With swingychairs plus even a splishsplashing pad for when it is too stinkywarm in the summertimes!! There is lotsa perfectal spots for picnicking plus some even have roofs on top to keep the rainingdrops our of your picnicky yummysummies!! There was a soopercool bandshell for making musicsounds, plus tons of 'mazing statues plus monuments for memorings too!! Even a Memory Garden!! 

This park even has a for-reals BASEBALL STADIUM, guys!! It's crazybananas!! 

At the wayfarback there is naturetrails plus a gigantical pond nearby too, so if you want more of a wilderwild-sorta vibe, just go back there!! Basically there is stuffs for everybuddy!! Plus truestory for reals the city of St.Thomas keeps this park looking squeaky-type clean 'cuz it is there most 'portantist park plus everybuddy who lives 'round there luvluvloves Pinafore Park! 

So check out the big pile of picturestories below here guys,  butt bleeve me when I say....
Pinafore Park is pretty soopercool. Just 'member: Safetystrings ON, K? K!! 'Cuz this park is not for puppies doing zoomers goofballery allover everywheres!! Not even!! There are rollycars allover this park too, so SAFETY FIRST, guys!! 

Anyhoozle, Shanksh, park!! I had lotsa HappyFunTimes with you!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ 



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