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SAMMI ZURZOLO (2002 - 2016)

Hey, guys. Shanksh for coming and stuff. I know this has been happenings lots latelytimes, butt these 'memorings are sooper'portant 'cuz friendlypals are having lotsa ouchies in their hearts, plus they need lovings from us to feel waymorebetter. Yes. So let's give them lots'nlots, K? K. 💜

Our friendlyfriends, the ZURZOLO FAMILYPACK, are saying byebyes to their puppygirl SAMMI who has been sharing HappyHeartHugs with them since she was just teensy, FOURTEEN whole yeartimes a 'go. Yup. It's a 'mazing story, guys................

Sammi Zurzolo plus her fancy white gloves! 

Sammi Zurzolo plus her fancy white gloves! 

Me 'membering Sammi with you guys. 

Me 'membering Sammi with you guys. 

I am feeling sadliness in my Heart for the Zurzolos. Yes. Can you even wonder 'bout what it would be like to have a bestest friendlypal for FOURTEEN WHOLE YEARTIMES?? 'Course it would be 'mazing. Yes. To hang out with somebuddy who luvluvloves you with all their HappyHeart. To have somebuddy that cannot even hardly wait to give you more HappyHeartHugs with extra lovings every times they see you? That was Sammi. Sammi luvluvloved her Zurzolo Familypack. 

That is why it is so ouchie to say byebyes to her. She was there for so many yeartimes, guys. Every daytimes. Then allasudden... she was gone..............

Wayfarback in the 2002times, Dawnzurzolo found her 'mazing, beautiful Sammigirl at the CLARION PUPS SHELTER/RESCUE in the Strattanvilleparts of the Pennsylvaniaplace!! Yup!! She was just a teensy puppy, butt her lookingmarbles knew a good thing when they saw one!! Yup!! She could tell this awesome new ladyfriend she just met had a gigantical heart full-up with lovings just for her!! So Sammi was sooper'cited to move in with with her shinynew Mum, Dawnzurzolo, plus her shinynew Pop, Brianzurzolo too!! It was magicalish!! Basically everythings was perfectal!  Right from the start, Sammi got to work doing her most favoritist things: EATING YUMMY TREATS, plus NAPPING IN THE SUNSMILES. Plus guys... she was the BESTEST at it. 

So... yup. Everything was 'mazing. Butt ALLASUDDEN... it got even waymore'mazing!! Truestory!! When Zurzolo juniorpeoples moved in, there was even waymorelots lovings to share every daytimes!! First CASEY moved in, plus latertimes, SYDNEY moved in too!! Now they were one gigantical familypack with alla their HappyHearts 'sploding with lovings for each other!! Ha ha!! 

Then for sooperlongtimes, just like sunsmiles in the morningtimes, Sammi made every daytimes more perfectal than the last one. Just like the sunsmiles, Sammi would be just as Happy to see her familypack as she was the daytimes a'fore. Every daytimes, just like the sunsmiles, she made sure to say "I LOVE YOU!" plus share HappyHeartHugs with alla her Zurzolo familypack. Every daytimes. Yeartimes after yeartimes after yeartimes. Fact is, she did it for her whole entire livingtimes. Plus she was happy.  Plus she was the bestest at it. 

Even as an oldentimer lady, Sammi neverever stopped luvluvloving her snackingtimes. It was her most favoritist special thing she luvluvloved to do.  Like a proper ladyperson at teatimes, Sammi loved her snackingtimes. 'Till last weeketimes.

One daytimes, Sammi did not want any yummy snacks anymores. It was her way to say it was times for her to go. Over the bridge. To live in Rainbow Valley. Sammi had been getting real sickybicky latelytimes, guys. It was hard for her to have HappyFunTimes like always. Hard to keep her Heart filled with Happy. She was right. Hard as it was to say byebyes to her familypack that she luvluvloved with alla her HappyHeart................. it was times for her to go. 

For her last daytimes on this side of the bridge, her familypals made one last snackingtimes for their special Sammi. She was not into eating anymores, butt she really reeeeeelly wanted to eat this sooperspecial meal with her most loving familypack. Yes. That is 'cuz they brought her the juiciest, most steamy, greasy-yummy cheeseburgers from RonaldMcDonald's house, with a delicious creamy shake, plus they just watched her chomp, plus guzzle plus LUV every teensy bit. One last time, she filled her belly with something yummy, plus filled her heart with the bestest, most cozywarm lovings from Dawn, Brian, Casey plus Sydney too. 

Then it was times for her to go.......................

Nightynightimes, Sammi. H 💜 H 💜 H 💜

Nightynightimes, Sammi. H 💜 H 💜 H 💜

For her whole entire livingtimes, Sammi was like the sunsmiles.
Greeting every one,  every daytimes, warming their hearts,
telling her familypack how much she luvluvloved them. 

Now she is like the starsmiles. Twinkling, sparkling in the ceilingsky,
waiting to meet her familypals in the dreamingplace, 
to tell them how much she luvs them. For now, plus forevertimes. 

Nightynightimes, Sammi. You are a good girl.
The bestest, even. Your familypack miss you very much, but they are happy you are not sickybicky anymores. Run free, be Happy, plus know they luvluvlove you forever, plus everever. 

H 💜 H 💜 H 💜