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Park Review #395

Snort Index Rating: 0.0 SNORTS!!


2115 River Road, 
, Ontario, Canada


  • No puppies allowed!!
  • Only rollycars that are teensy!!
  • Only for golfballery!! 
  • Close to MisterRiver!!  
  • Kinda pretty, butt NO PUPPIES!! 
  • No snorts 'cuz I could not even get in to have a looksee for crying out Pete!! 

Well, guys.... not so much for talkings 'bout here!! Nope!! Truestory in my London, Ontario where me plus Mirabelle plus Mum plus Pop live, the PARKS PLUS RECREATION department has some Golfing-type parks to look after too!! Yup!! That is 'cuz they are city property and stuff!! So even though they are not REAL parks for anybuddy to visit, they are on my park list. Yes. Plus 'cuz they are on the park list - I GO SEE THEM ANYWAYS!! Ha ha!! 

Anyhoozle, you are prolly figuring out and stuff that this is a GOLFING-TYPE PARK. Youarite!! Plus that means no puppies are allowed to go in. I know. It is crazybananas. Unless maybe they have a teensy rollycar like everybuddy drives a 'round here. Maybe then. Butt prolly even not!! 

There is lotsa roominess, plus some of the most 'mazing-ist grassycarpet I have seen in evertimes, plus burblecreeks, plus puddleponds, plus leafytrees plus all kindsa soopernice stuffs to exploradventure in butt... NO PUPPIES ALLOWED!! I KNOW!! Oh, well. There are lotsmore parks for reviewing anyways!! Plus.... there is a whole 'nother part to this park that I have to go see 'cuz it has  differenter adressybits, so prolly I am gonna sneak in!! Hee hee!! Prolly!! You don't get to be a friendlypal of STEVE THE DEER without brainlearning some stuff 'bout staying UNVISIBLE, amirite!!??'Course!! 

Anyhoozle, this park is not for puppies, so zero snorts.
Sorry park, butt you are kind of a snob and stuff!! Yes!! πŸ˜œ πŸ˜œ πŸ˜œ 



TINY JARMAIN (???? - 2016)