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DORA HAMM (2004 - 2016)

Hey, everybuddy. Shanksh for coming and stuff.
This is not HappyFunTimes, butt it is sooper'portant. Yes.  

It means sooperlots to me that you stopped by to say some nice wordybits for our friendlypal VAL HAMM who is saying nightynightimes to her puppypal DORA. That is the worstest, guys. 

It means sooperlots  to me 'cuz that is what friendlypals do for other friendlypals. Yes. Plus I am hoping that everybuddy who loses a puppypal or who is having toughtimes can count on alla us, their bestest friendlypals, to send HappyHeartHugs plus say nice wordybits, so they do not feel all by their lonesome. So they feel littlebits better. So they can start to heal their ouchie Hearts from alla the hurtings and stuff.  That is what I am wanting. 

So now is the times to show our friendlyfriend Valhamm that we care lots'nlots. Here goes.........


Guys... did you know?? DORA was only fore (4) monthtimesold when our friendlypal VALLHAMM brought her back to where would be her foreverhome. Yup. Plus it was not allatimes sooperfun for teensy Dora. Nope. Not even. See... Dora used to live with a soopermean goober that kept her inna cage allatimes. Yes. Even worser was that this cage was in the dark, guys. Truestory.  Teensy Dora lived for monthtimes inna dark, lonely cage with no lovings. It was not HappyFunTimes. 

'Butt that was only 'till our friendlypal Valhamm heard stories 'bout her!! Yup!! Her friendlyfriends told Valhamm bout this teensy puppy that was stuck inna cage with no sunsmiles that was not getting any lovings!! Yes!! Plus soon as she heard, Valhamm wanted to rescue her!! Yup!! So know what!!?? THEN SHE TOTALLY DID!! Valhamm scooped her up plus took her to a cozywarm comfyhouse with lotsa sunsmiles, plus it was full-up with lots'lotsa lovings too!! 

The very firstest nightynightimes that Dora spent with Valhamm, she got to sleep in the bigbed. The cozy, comfy, soopersnuggly, bigbed. Yup!! It was like Dora wasValhamm's very own babygirl. Plus know what, guys??.....

She totally was!! 😊 💜...........


Dora WAS Valhamm's babygirl, guys. Yup. Plus she will be forever plus everever too. Butt did you know?? DORA was not just a babygirl herself, 'cuz she had her very own juniorpeoples!! I am taking 'bout PUPPIES, GUYS!! Yup!! Dora was not just a babygirl, she was a MUM too!! fact is, one of her puppies even stayed to live with Dora plus Valhamm!! I KNOW!! He is a nice boy. Just like his Mum. 

They were a familypack, everybuddy!!  Valhamm, Dora, her puppyboy, plus a kitty named Mika!! Yup!! Alla them giving each other gigantical piles of lovings every daytimes!!  Dora luvluvloved going for walkingtimes with her Mum plus her puppyboy!! Yup!! Plus her most favoritist part was splasherating through every puddlepond she could find!! Hee hee!! She was like that, guys!! She liked to have HappyFunTimes plus goofballery and stuff!! 

She luved to play TUG-TUG with her puppyboy, plus they would do zoomers goofballery in their 'roundhebackyard pretty much every chance they got!! Yup!! Her favoritist yummysummies was HAMBURGERS!! YES!! I knowrite!!?? They smell so sooper'mazing in the smellerator, amirite!!?? Anyhoozle... Dora was a happy girl. She had lotsa favoritist things 'cuz she got so much lovings. Sure did.  Butt know what?? Her most favoritist of alls, was being with her familypack. Yes. 
Oh!! Plus BELLYRUBS!! She luvluvloved bellyrubs too!! Ha ha!! 

Everybuddy luvluvloved Dora, guys. She made shinynew inthesameplacefriends every place she ever went!! That is why she got so many bellyrubs!! Seriousface!! Plus she luvluvloved everybuddy back, too. She was the sweetest of puppygirls. It was basically her job, guys!! Yup!! To be soopernice. To give lotsa lovings, plus to make everybuddy 'round her feel HappyHeartHugs.
She was the bestest at it, even!!  ..................


Dora plus Val, plus her puppyboy, plus their kittypal lived with lotsa Happy in their Hearts for longtimes. TWELVE whole entire yeartimes, guys!! Isn't that 'mazing!!?? It puts Happy in my Heart to hear 'bout Dora plus alla the HappyFunTimes she had!! Sure does. 😊 💜
Dora was born March 15, 2004, plus she went over the Bridge on May 8th, 2016. That was Mum's Day, guys. That made it real tough for our friendlypal, Valhamm. Soopertough, even. 

Everythings had been so perfectal for so long, nobuddy was ready for Dora to leave. Prolly it felt like everything would stay perfectal forever plus everever!! Butt.. truestory that does not get to happen. Nope. Not even sooper'mazing puppygirls like Dora get to stay forever plus everever.  

Dora got real sick one day, guys. Real sick. It scared everybuddy. Then allasudden she gotwaymorebetter a 'again. It was 'fraidy, butt everybuddy hoped that it was gonna just be a weird thing that happened, butt that everybuddy could just forget 'bout real quick. Yes. Butt.....
that did not happen. Only one daytimes later, Dora was not her happy self.
Somethings was really wrong. Dora knew she was still real, real sick.

Dora knew it was times for her to go. 

One daytimes, she 'cided it was time. She said byebyes real quiet. She walked back to the big bed.... to the cozy, comfy, soopersnuggly, bigbed where Valhamm brought her their very firstest nightynightimes together.....  she got as comfy as she could.... in her favoritist room..... in her favoritist foreverhome...... where she spent every daytimes sharing her happy heart with the familypack she luvluvloved so much..... and then ......... Dora went over The RainbowBridge. 

Nightynightimes, Dora. You were a good girl. The bestest. 

Your Mum, your puppyboy, plus your kittyfriend miss you more than everythings...
They miss you 'cuz they luvluvlove you. Plus we luvluvlove you too. Forever plus everever. 

H💜 H💜 H💜