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Park Review #424

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!


319 Wellington County Road #18
Elora, Ontario, Canada


  • This park used to be a QUARRY, guys!! 
  • That means builderators used to grow rocks here to trade for dollarpennies!! Yes!!! 
  • Peoples 'round here call it "the old swimming hole"!!   
  • Walkingtrails in some leafytrees
  • A sandybeach for swimmerational  funnery!!

Hey, everybuddy!! πŸ˜Š

Shanksh for checking out my nextest park review from when me plus Mirabelle plus Mum plus Pop all went to visit ELORA!! Yes!! It is a 'mazing, magicalish teensytown with some of the soopercolist wilderwild parks I have seen in evertimes, guys!! Truestory!! 

This times we went to see the QUARRY!! Yes!! This park is basically a gigantical hole on the ground that is full-up with wet, waterystuffs!! I mean it is SOOPERgigantical, guys!! Plus the wet, wateryparts are wayfardown in the hole, butt...... good news is there is a walkingroad that takes you allaways down, plus 'round to the back where there is a sandybeach for swimmerational goofballery and stuff!! Basically it is not like anywheres I have bee to!! Not even!! 

Firstofalls, we went to the hole plus looked wayfardown inside!! My brainmelon nearly 'spoded, guys!! Then we went 'round the left paw way through some leafytrees 'cuz it was stinkywarm plus we wanted some sahdybits. Yes. Prollem was the picturemap says you can go allaways 'round, butt - NOT EVEN!! The walkingtrail stops halfways 'round real close to the sandybeach, butt you cannot get to it from thataways, so we had to go allaways back 'round to the right paw side!! 

The right paw side is waymoreasier plus has shadybits too!! We followed a real comfy walkingroad that went down'nround plus through some sooperweird looking leafytrees, allaways to the back where there is a sandybeach!! I did some exploradventuring down there, so I totally found a secret funnel to a soopercool, teensy sandybeach that is real private and stuff!! It was 'mazing plus a soopercool place for making picturestories and stuff, BUTT - POOP GUYS!! Yup!! Floatybirds like this secret teensybeach too, so careful of alla the poop!! Just sayin!!

Anyhoozle, this is a 'mazing chunk of place that is sooperneato for your lookingmarbles!! At the top parts where you come in, it is cool to look down plus the bottomparts are sooperneato too 'cuz from there you can see the awesometimes wall of boulderock that goes mostly the whole way 'round!! 

Just 'member to not forget that this park is not so much for puppies, so if you bring a puppypal, make sure SAFETY STRINGS ON, guys!! Yup!! Saftey firstest allatimes amirite!!?? 'Course!! 

Shanksh, park!! You are sooperweird, plus sooperhandsome at the same times!! πŸ˜œπŸ’œ



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