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Park Review #427

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

Herbert Park

1859 Herbert Avenue
London, Ontario, Canada


  • A pretty burblecreek!!
  • Part of this park is on the other side!! 
  • Some grassycarpet!!
  • Littlebits of leafytrees!! 
  • Not sooper'mazing!!  
  • Butt sorta nice!! 

Hidyho, everybuddy!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

Know what!!?? This park named Herbert is not 'mazing. Nope. Butt.... somethings 'bout it is sorta nice too!! Yup!! I mean truestory is is real teensy, plus right next to a rollycar road, plus there is no walkingroads or benches for buttparts or any of the usual-type citypark stuff!! Nope!! Not even!! 

Butt... it is at the very end of the rollycar road, so prolly there will not be so many rollycars here!! Prolly!! Plus there is a cute little burblecreek right in the middleparts, what is pretty nice too!! 

Basically it is maybe not 'mazing, butt if I my peoplehouse was close by, I am thinkingthoughts I would luvluvlove this teensy little park, 'cuz I could come to do some chores, hang out, littlebits, say "Burble Urble Urble" to the burblecreek, then go back home feeling pretty good 'cuz the Naturemama was so close!! Yup!! Prolly that is what would happen and stuff!! That puts Happy in my Heart!! 

Anyhoozle, not 'mazing, butt... pretty nice. SHANKSH, HERBERT!! HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ HπŸ’œ


ASK ARCHIE!! May 30, 2016