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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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Most puppies are sooper'fraidy when it comes to firebright skysparklers, plus boomy rocketpoppers, guys. Yes. I am not even joshing.  It is a seriousface prollem every summertimes holiday season!! 

Fact is, puppies who are 'fraidy of loud noises can get so crazybanans freaked-out by fireworks they can hurt themselfs, break stuff, hurt other peoples by accident, or even run wayfaraways -FOREVEREVER!!

Truestory for reals Holidaytimes is the worstest times for puppies to runaway plus lots'nlots of these 'fraidy puppies neverever get back home. All 'cuz  peoples do not know how to keep their puppypals safe!!  So I am writing this big pile of wordybits to help you keep your puppypals soopersafe for the whole entire summertimes and stuff, K? K!! 

Fireworks and Dogs Do Not Mix

Firstofalls, everybuddy knows that if you are gonna go see some soopercool fireworks, safest thing for puppies is to stay at home!! Yup. Seriousface. Don't take your puppies to see fireworks. Like ever! Even if your puppy is AOK with sooperloud noises, big crowds, open spaces, plus darkness are NOT dog-friendly!! They are SOOPER risky, guys!! 
It is not worth the riskiness, plus 'member that puppies do not get the whole fireworks thing anyways, so you are just making them do somethings they do not want to do!! That is why so many puppies get such bad 'anxiety plus 'fraidiness!!  They do not understand fireworks, so they do not feel SAFE!! 

Nextofalls, if you are going to have fireworks at your foreverhome, then do not let your puppies outside!! Even if they are inna fenced in yard, a puppy who is pretty good with loud noises, can still get so weirded out by fireworks that they will do stuff they have neverever done befores, like jump a fence, or fall inna pool, or knock somebuddy over if they try to run a 'way and hide!! Puppies that ARE let in the outsideplace should be onna LEASH!! Yes!! Plus they should have a friendlypal with them allatimes to make sure everythings is AOK. Just so's you know, harnesses are waymorebetter than collars for this 'cuz puppies who get 'fraidy can someofthetimes back out of collars, plus... a puppy who bolts sooperfast from the noise can hurt themselfs by jerking real hard on their neckparts!! Yes!!  

Lastofalls, make sure your puppy is wearing alla their tags plus ID stuff and that everything is up to date with proper telephone numbers and everythings just in case somehow your puppy does runaway. GUYS...Don't think that it is unpossible for your puppy to get away!!  THOUSANDS of peoples every summer holidaytimes think that, then lose their puppies forever plus everever 'cuz they were not ready!! Don't let it happen to YOU!!

SO.... there is alla that to 'member, butt most 'portantist of alls to 'member is.... 

...if at all possible, keep your puppypals at HOME.   

This is NOT a good idea, guys!! Not even littlebits!! 

Keep Them Soopersafe at Home

Okeedoke. So you have 'cided to keep your puppy safe at home so you can go enjoy some 'mazing skyspraklers with alla your friendlypals!! Good thinkingthoughts, guys!! Now let's have a looksee how to make your foreverhome the most safest place for your 'fraidy puppy while you are a 'way: 

Assign a Chaperone

Yup. Sorry, guys. Butt... the bestest thing to do is have somebuddy stay with your puppy the whole entire times. For reals. That is basically the only way to make sure your puppy stays safe, plus does not get them self into bigtime troubles or even get sick from 'fraidiness!! If you stay with your puppy, it is sooper'portant to be soopercool 'bout everythings. Stay easybreezy like a chillycucumber. If your puppie's anxiety gives YOU anxiety, then puppy will feel that and get waymoreworser!! It is tricky, butt you can do it!! Just stay soopercool, K? K!! This is also a soopergood times for doing trainings or lotsa playful goofballery with your puppies' most favoritist toys and stuff. Basically keep your puppy distracted with HEALTHY ACTIVITIES so they do not have time to get 'fraidy or freaked out!! 

A Tuckered Puppy is a Happy Puppy

One of the most simplest, butt most effectival things you can do is exercise your puppy lots'nlots just befores you go!! Yup!! That will make it waymoreasier for your puppy to just sleep through the whole entire thing!! Plus a 'nother soopergood thinkingthought is to give your puppy a RAW BONE just before you go, 'cuz if your puppy is like me, a RAW BONE (like a soup stock or marrow bone from the butcher) will be waytooyummy to ignore plus it will keep them busy for longtimes!! They are a sooperhealthy snack that is soopergood for puppy teeths, plus they are lotsa work to chew clean!! RAW BONES are sorta like solving a puzzle, -specially getting the marrow out - so it is 'mazing exercise for puppy bodyparts plus puppy brainwiring too!! 

Make a Puppy Panic Room

If your puppy is crate trained, then this is the perfectal times for putting puppy in their crate. If not, then find or make a small, safe (free from anything that can be jumped on, climbed or knocked over) space in your foreverhome that your puppy can hang out in until you come home. A bottom-level room is maybe bestest, plus move their favoritist bed, blankies and toys in there too. A radiobox, or TVbox, or a 'puterbox that can play nice musicsounds or movies or somethings to cover-up the cracklyboom sounds of fireworks will help lots'nlots, plus if you can, get your puppy used to the space by letting them hang out innit littlewhiles every day for 2-3 daytimes before fireworks day. Then it will be no biggie!! 

HappyHeartHug Supplements

Some puppies who have milder 'fraidiness of loud noises can do 'mazing with some extra helpings from stress-reducing stuff you can buy on the interwebsnet like: 

*Click the product description to visit each manufacturer website

Just so's you know, NOISE PHOBIAS are real common prollems for lotsa puppies allover everywheres plus all butt the worstest cases can be fixed up real good with trainings!! Yup!! Thunderboomers, emergency sirens, helicopters, even vacuum cleaners can all be serious trouble for sooper'fraidy puppies, butt you can desensitize your puppy to most 'fraidy sounds with some helpings from a professional-type trainer!! Look on the interwebsnet or aska  'round where you are to find somebuddy with a shinybrite reputation!!  

BUTT.... If your puppy is severely 'fraidy then prolly you should talk to your doctoranarian 'bout other options. 

Shanksh for reading, everybuddy!! Hope this was helpful helperman adviceybits, plus most of alls I am hoping you plus alla your puppypals can have a safe, plus fun Holiday summertimes for lots'nlots of yeartimes!! 

H💜 H💜 H💜