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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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Hi, everybuddy!! 

This picturestory is alla 'bout showing you what it looks like in the frontparts of our 'partmenthouse!!  Ready?? Okeedoke!! Have a looksee over thisaways!!.............

So here we are, guys!! 

Sitting our buttparts on the crooked hill out front of our 'partmenthouse!! We like it out here 'cuz our WortleyVillage is sooperpretty plus we like to say "HI!!" to everybuddy who moseys on by and stuff!! .........

Now lookit over thattaways!! 

Next to our buildinghouse is a whole 'nother one that is getting all fixerated and stuff!! Basically they are gonna put a whole shinynew face on that one!! That is gonna be nice and everythings!! ..........

Plus this is our buildinghouse, guys!! Yup!! 

Did you know!!?? It is sooperoldentimer 'cuz it is basically like a hunred yeartimesold. Sorta like my Pop!! Ha ha!! 

Anyhoozle, our buildinghouse has a name too!! Seriousface!! 
It is called THE BESSBOROUGH BUILDING, or just "BESSY" for short!! 
Say "HI!!" to BESSY everybuddy!! :) .............

This is what you see from where me plus Mirabelle are sitting!! 

That is the corner of where the juniorpeoples at TECUMSEH PUBLIC SCHOOL do alla their goofballery!! ...........

One learningschool, plus one arenahouse!! 

That is the buttparts of TECUMSEH PUBLIC SCHOOL, plus to the left paw side is FARQUARSON ARENA!!  They do hockeypucking and stuff like that in there!! .......

Do you see any LIONS over thattaways, guys!!?? 

Wayfardown at the other end is SOUTH COLLEGIATE SCHOOL!! That is where the LIONS go for brainlearning, guys!! 'Member!!?? We have shared lotsa picturestories of the OTHER side of that one!! 

Yup!! That whole entire grasyycarpet field is full up with TOO (2) learningschools plus an arenahouse with wintertimes innit!! Pretty sooperneato, amirite!!?? ......


That's 'bout it, guys!! 

That is the rest of this part of our neighborhoodblock!! They call it a BLOCK 'cuz it is squarish!! Like my brainmelon!! 
Me plus Mirabelle like it here 'cuz of alla the awesomeness and stuff!! Yup!! .............

HappyHappySundaytimes, you guys!! Let's get hippityhopping, K? K!! 

Anyhoozle.... that is a chunk of our neighborhood, guys!! Yup!!
If you go by, toot your honkyhorn 'cuz maybe me plus Mirabelle will see you plus give you buttwiggles and stuff!! Hee hee!! Maybe!! Prolly!! 'Course!! 

H💜 H💜 H💜