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Park Review #428

Snort Index Rating: 1.0 SNORTS!!

Parkhurst Park North

1848 Parkhurst Avenue, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • A bubbly burblecreek!!
  • Teensybits of grassycarpet!! 
  • Some shrubbadubs!!
  • Littlebits of leafytrees!! 
  • Real close to rollycars!!  
  • So... basically not so hot!! 


Okeedoke. I am gonna be seriousface with you guys right nowabouts, K? K.
So guys...... yes..... I am getting waymorecloser to finishing my quest to see every park in all of my London, Ontarioplace, BUTT... that means I have been to most of alla the 'mazing parks 'round here alreadytimes. Yes. So basically what I am saying is.... lotsa the parks that I am finding nowabouts are not awesometimes. Nope. Not for puppies anyhoozle!! Or even for peoples too!! Lost'nlots of these parks are just for the burblecreeks plus squirrellypeoples plus chickermonkers and stuff!! 

Like THIS park. Yes. This park is just for the burblecreek that goes through it's middleparts!! And that is cool, guys!! Burblecreeks are soopernice plus sooper'portant and stuff, butt this park is still pretty much snoring 'cuz there is nothing else for doing here!! Truestory!! 

It is just a chunk of place right next to a rollycar road for the burblecreek to go through, plus then UNDER the rollycar road -which is a sorta cool looking bridge that is way more interestingal than these parks - plus there is a whole 'nother park pretty much the same on the other side!! There is no place for walkingtimes or exploradventuring or anythings 'cuz there is no walkingroads, no benches for buttparts, not even a way in for crying out Pete!! Just for looking at when you go by I guess. Yes. This side has littlebits more grassycarpet, so prolly you could do some chores here, butt that is 'bout it, guys. 

I get it, park!! You want some alonetimes and stuff!! πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 


Park Review #429

Snort Index Rating: 1.0 SNORTS!!

Parkhurst Park South

1851 Parkhurst Avenue, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • Same bubbly burblecreek!!
  • Lotsa grassycarpet!! 
  • Butt on private property!!
  • Not so much leafytrees!! 
  • Still too close to rollycars!!  
  • So... also not so hot!! 

Same goes for THIS park, guys butt truestory for reals this park is even LESS friendly 'cuz you cannot even get to any grassycarpet or anythings!! It is right next to somebuddy's peoplehouse, so to get to this burblecreek you would have to mosey over somebuddy's grassycarpet and that would not be cool!! Not even!! 

So this park is pretty much the same as the one on the other side of the rollycar road, 'cept this one is one THIS side. Yes. Plus it is not even as cool as the other one. 

Sorry, park!! Guess you plus your brotherpal are just alla 'bout the Burblecreek!! πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š πŸ˜Š 



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