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Park Review #430

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!

West Lions Park and Kinsmen Recreation Centre

20 Granville Street, 
London, Ontario, Canada


  • Watery spritzlepad for juniorpeoples!!
  • Half a pipe for rollerboarding!! 
  • Soccerballing plus Baseballing with LIGHTNINGBULBS, guys!! 
  • Kinsmen Recreation Centre has TOO full-size icyrinks, plus meeting rooms plus even a 'puterlab, guys!! Butt I am not allowed!! 

Howdy, doodies!! Hee hee!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

Did you know that I went to this park like eleventy jillion yeartimes a 'go, butt then I totally lost alla my picturestories!!?? I am not even joshing!! Dunno how, butt I had to go back to this park TOO TIMES 'fore I could share this review with you for crying out Pete!! I know!! 

Good thing this park is pretty cool, 'cuz I did not mind even littlebits!! Nope!! Plus best part was, when I saw this park the firstest times, Mirabelle was not even n'vented, yet!! Yup!! So this times I got to show the whole entire park to her!! Plus know what!!?? She sorta liked it too!! 

OK.... so firstofalls, let's say somethings 'bout the big 'ol buildinghouse in the cornerparts, guys. Basically it is a soopercool arena they fill up with chilly wintertimes so you can do hockeypucking or icyfootsing and stuff like that!! Yes. It even has meeting rooms plus a 'puterbox labratory for doing homework or making science and stuff!! Pretty cool, butt basically I am not allowed to go in, so that is not so cool at alls. So..... I am pretenderating it is not here. 'Till I get n'vited inside. 

The rest of the park is pretty sooperneato! I wanna say I like this park 'cuz of alla the soopercool stuff it has, butt alsotimes 'cuz it is sorta hiding inside a whole bunch of peoplehouses, so it is pretty safe and stuff too. Rollycars cannot get very close to this park, so I like that lots'nlots!! There is one teensy rollycar road that goes by one end, butt it is teensy, so the rollycars are not going fast. Nope. So pretty good. 

There is lots to see here, everybuddy!! Seriousface!! It is one pretty gigantical citypark with soopersmooth, pavey walkingroads for everybuddy to enjoy, plus benches for buttparts, monkeyclimbers plus swingingchairs for juniorpeoples, a spritzlepad for the stinkywarm daytimes, a couple spots for basketballery, half of a gigantical pipe for emo kids to do rollerboarding on, plus two sooperbig grassycarpets!! Yup!! One for baseballery plus the other one for soccerballing plus get this guys: BOTH HAVE LIGHTNINGBULBS SO YOU CAN PLAY IN THE NIGHTYNIGHTIMES!! Iknowrite!!?? That is truestory for reals, pretty cool!! Yup!! Basically this park is not too shabby!! Fact is, it is even sorta cool!! 
'Cept for the parts I am not allowed in, that is!!

Shanksh, park!! Mostly you are cool, butt I am not coming back 'till I get to do hockeypucking in your winterooms, K? K!! πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜