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Park Review #410

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!


17 Becher Street,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Navy floatyboat memorial!! 
  • You can see the gigantical citysprinkler fountain from here!!
  • Community garden!!
  • Sculpture thingy - butt FULL OF BEES!!
  • Not close to rollycars - that is good!!
  • Butt LOTS'NLOTS of cyclebikes!!


Did you know!!?? If you did not live in my London, Ontarioplace, prolly you would not even find this park!! Truestory it is sorta hiding, butt the crazybananas part is... it is also at the most famous-ist place a 'round these parts: THE FORKS OF MISTERRIVER!! Yup!! 

That means the North MisterRiver plus the South MisterRiver meet here to hang out plus do talkings 'bout 'portant river-type stuff!! Yes!! PLUS.. this is where they put the sooperfun riversprinkler FOUNTAIN that makes wet, waterystuff do 'mazing skydancing wafarup in the air!! 

Thing is, the fountain is on the OTHER side of MisterRiver!! Plus so is the ARTSY FARTSY GALLERY that is sooperfamous too!! Basically most of the sooperfamous, plus sooperpopular stuffs is on the other side!! Butt... this side has some pretty 'mazing stuff too!! 

First of alls, the EAST side of this park almostly touches a whole 'nother park called IVEY PARK that is just 'cross a bridge!! It is a sooperpretty bridge I like to do walkings on!! Yes!! Plus right at the bridge is a sooperspecial place called the HMCS PREVOST NAVAL RESERVE BASE!! Yup. It is sooper'portant 'cuz from that corner of the park you can see a 'mazing memorial for THE BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC that happened (71) yeartimes a 'go. That memorial is for membering alla the peoples who did not come home trying to keep us safe plus free and stuff, guys. Yes. It is not sooperfun or anythings, butt sooper'portant to see so we do not forget to 'member. 

Just turn 'round from there and you will see MisterRiver!! Yup!! Plus it is sorta crazybananas, butt there is a SANDYBEACH right there too!! Just don't get too 'cited 'cuz alla the floatybirds like to hang out there, so WATCH OUT FOR POOP!! Seriousface!! Butt it is still pretty nice 'cuz it is a teensy little sandybeach hiding right in the very middleparts of our city!! You can see the soopertall ONE LONDON PLACE skyscratcher building, the ARTSYFARTSY GALLERY, plus the SPRINKLERFOUNTAIN too!! Basically it is a pretty cool spot!! 

If you go more into the park, then you will see the COMMUNITY GARDEN, plus a sooperfun MONKEYCLIMBER for juniorpeoples, plus a sooperneato SCULPTURE THINGY called "Investing in Children". It is shiny plus curvy and stuff which is cool, butt careful, guys 'cuz it is totally full-up with BEES!! Seriousface!! 

There is lotsa roominess in this park, with grassycarpts, pavey walkingroads, plus lotsa benches for buttparts too. Plus 'cuz it is next to MIsterRiver, it is down a hill from any rollycar roads, plus peoplehouses!! That makes it sorta safe plus contained and stuff BUTT... the walkingroads are part of the CYCLEBIKING PATH that goes allover everywheres, so cyclebikers go zoomers through this park ALLATIMES!! Yup!! So be careful, guys!! It prolly looks like this park would be sooperfun for puppies, butt prolly I would keep my safety strings on if I were you!! 

Shanksh, park!! You are pretty cool!! I did lotsa brainlearning 'cuz of you!!   πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ