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Park Review #416

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


545 Killarney Road,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Pretty and stuff!! 
  • A whole 'nother park next door!!
  • A whole 'nother park 'cross the street too!!
  • Pavey walkingroads!!
  • Lots'nlots of floatybirds like goosepeoples
  • so that means lots'nlots of POOP!! 


Just so's you know, this park was made special for helping take care of alla the wet, watery rainingdrops when it does rainingtimes like crazybananas!! Yup!! It is called a STORM WATER MANAGEMENT FACILITY, plus that means it is where alla the extra rainingdrops hang out 'stead of making prollems 'cuz of flooding and stuff!! What is soopercool is that this park has a sooper'portant job, plus that would be 'mazing all by it's lonesome, butt this park is alsotimes pretty for your lookingmarbles too!! Yup!! I am sooperdooper proud of my city where I live 'cuz we have a whole buncha this kind of park, plus they try real hard to make them look real pretty!! 

Basically, this park is one, gigantical puddlepond where alla the rainingdrops hang out. Yes. Plus there are some nice'neasy walkingroads that are real easy for taking nice walkingtimes on too. Yup. Only prollem is, floatybirds like duckies, plus goosies plus those kindsa guys luvluvlove to hang out here so..... that is NICE, butt... there is lotsa floatybird poops too. Yes. So... careful and stuff where you put your feets, guys. Just sayin'. 

Just cross the rollycar road plus you will find a whole 'nother city-type park called CEDAR HOLLOW PARK!! Yup!! Butt get this: go the other way plus there is a whole 'nother park too!! YUP!! KILALLY WOODS is close 'tween this park plus MisterRiver!! YUP!! MisterRiver is just short walkingtimes a 'way!! That is awesometimes!! Peoples who live here are luckyducklings 'cuz of alla the parks hanging out 'round here!! Truestory!! 

So this park is pretty for looking at, plus nice 'cuz of the puddlepond, plus even nice 'cuz of alla the floatybirds who hang out here, plus nice 'cuz of other parks real close, butt....... truestory for reals no joshing seriousface it is next to rollycar roads with no fencybits. Plus...  there is poop. 

Shanksh park!!  had lots'nlots of HappyFunTimes 'cept for alla the poop!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ