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Park Review #415

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!


150 Chelsea Avenue,
, Ontario, Canada


  • Lotsa roominess!! 
  • Pretty safe in here!!
  • Secret hill down to puppy playground!!
  • Monkeyclimbers for juniorpeoples!!
  • Plus lots'nlots of nets for catching soccer-type balls and stuff!!

This park was sooperfun to exploradventure, guys!! 

Yup!! Know why!!?? 'Cuz we got to do exploradventuring with our COUSIN ELLIE!! Yes!! See, we like to meet our Cousin Ellie at the GREENWAY PUPPY PLAYGROUND, plus one day when we were at the puppy playground, there was a 'puppy there who being a real goober dingus, so we 'cided we were all gonna go do walkingtimes n'stead!! Yup!! So that is when I found a walkingtrail that goes up a soopersteep mountainill plus at the top..... WAS THIS PRETTY COOL PARK!! 

Basically this park is a large-ish city-type park. Yes. There is lotsa grassycarpet in the middleparts for playing sportygames and stuff, plus nets for catching soccery-type balls. At one end is a big parking rodeo for your rollycars that is nice, plus.... there is a monkeyclimber at both ends!! Seriousface!! Plus they are both pretty good, even!! Swingingchairs too!! 

Anyhoozle, there is one opening that is close to a pretty quiet rollycar road, so you have to be careful, guys, butt... 'cuz this park is large-ish, plus sooperdooper wide open and stuff, I still felt soopersafe, so we all did lotsa zoomers goofballery without safety strings on!! Yup!! Pop did not even wander off!! It was 'mazing!! 

Best part is the secret way to the mountainhill that goes back down to the puppy playground. It is sorta like a grassycarpet LANE. Yes. It is at the WEST side, guys. Behind a whole buncha peoplehouses there is a sorta leftover lane with leafytrees on one side, plus fencybits on the other!! It is soopersafe in that part!! Seriousface!! PLUS... look for the gigantical GREAT DANE who lives in there!! He is gigantical plus all black, plus soopernice too!! I do not know his name, butt I like to call him "HIGHPOCKETS!!" Ha ha!! 

Shanksh, park!! You are a cool guy to hang out with and stuff!! 😊 πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ